Leshan giant Buddha and mount Emei tour in Sichuan (China)

April 27th, 2006 

A two days trip from Chengdu that includes a sightseeing tour to Leshan giant Buddha (world's biggest Buddha carved inside a mountain), followed by an excursion to mount Emei, Baoguo and Wannian temple.

Leshan, China
The city of Leshan is located near the confluence of three rivers and has about one million of inhabitants.

The tour in Leshan starts from the giant Buddha carved in the mountain. In order to have a complete view over the giant Buddha, it is best to take a boat and observe it from the river. In the pictures, the path around the statue, still carved inside the mountain.
Giant Buddha of Leshan, China
Picture of giant Buddha. The giant Buddha of Leshan is the world's largest Buddha carved into a mountain and is about 76 metres high. It was build about 2000 years ago.
Giant Buddha statue, China

More photos of the giant Buddha located in Leshan and built entirely by carving it in the mountain. To have a better feel of the size, just compare the foot, the hand and the head with the people walking around.
On the left, another statue carved in the rock. On the right, the path to go to the base of the giant Buddha.
After the cruise around the giant Buddha, a land tour follows. It is necessary to climb about 360 steps to reach the Buddha's head.

Along the path, it is still possible to observe other statues and carvings.
Giant Buddha statue, China
Leshan, China
Another picture of Leshan city.
I then decide to reach the giant Buddha's foot descending via a different path.
On the mountain's wall there are many other carved statues, but unfortunately most of them are ruined by the erosion. For this reason, there are government's plan to cover the Buddha itself, keeping out only the head, in order to better preserve it.
Descending to the Buddha statue's feet.
Buddha carved in the mountain, China
A picture of the Buddha carved in the rock, taken from the statue's feet.

On the right picture, a statue of the monk who started and worked on the giant Buddha project. On the top picture, the cave where he lived while working.
Giant Buddha of Leshan, China

Near the giant Buddha statue, there is also a small and nice temple.

Baguo buddist temple, China
The day tour continues with a visit to the Baoguo buddist temple, at the foot of mount Emei.
Baguo buddist temple, China
Baguo buddist temple, China Incense burning
Photos of Baoguo temple in China. Incense is burnt in big pots, in the temple's courtyard. Unluckly, no picture is permitted inside the temple.
Baguo buddist temple, China Baguo buddist temple, China
On the left picture, a huge bell. On the right picyure, a view on the gardens around the temple.
Trip to mount Emei, China
The next morning, the tour in Sichuan continues with a visit to the buddist temple of Wannian on mount Emei. A 30 minutes bus ride is necessary to reach the cableway's station.
Trip to mount Emei, China Trip to mount Emei, China
Trip to mount Emei, China

It is then about eight minutes by cableway, to reach the temple. The scenery all around is breathtaking, with dense forests and farms where the-trees are grown.
Wannian temple, China
Photos of the entrance to Wannian temple.
Temple on mount Emei, China
This is the main temple within Wannian complex, made in indian style without any wood.
Bronze and gold Buddha
Pictures of the huge Buddha statue, made in bronze and laminated in gold.
A view on the wall and on the roof.
The access door.

A pool with fishes and turtles. Walking on the bridge over the pool, on the way in, brings longevity.
The turtles inside the pool.
Temple on mount Emei, China
Temple on mount Emei, China

Another buddist temple in China. Pictures inside and outside.
Burning incense.

Some views on the nice gardens around the temples.
Chengdu, China Chengdu, China
I go back in Chengdu. These are views on the same street where the hotel is located.

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