Tour to Wolong in Sichuan visiting the giant panda research institute

April 26th, 2006 

Are you looking for a tour where panda can be observed in nature? Day tour from Chengdu to Wolong in Sichuan, visiting the world's most important panda natural reserve and research institute, where pandas can be easily spotted and observed in their daily activities.

Dam in Sichuan, China
Travel to Wolong. The trip from Chengdu to Wolong is about 3-4 hours long, becuase of the road's conditions. In the picture, a huge dam along the road still under constructions, that will be used to store water for irrigation and to produce electricity.
Sichuan, China
Sichuan, China
Sichuan, China
Pictures of Sichuan, a region in central China. It is between these mountains that the 86% of the world's giant panda population lives. The remaining 14% lives in other 2 nearby provinces. The ideal altitude for pandas is about between 1500 and 3000 meters, as they like colder weather. If you are looking for a Panda tour where these animals can be easily spotted free in nature, Sichuan and Wolong in China are the good places where to go.
Panda natural reserve, China Panda research center, China
Panda hospital, China

This is the panda research and hospital center in Wolong, and it is also one of the few, or the only in the world, with breeding facilities (the baby pandas are then reintroduced in nature as soon as they have more chances to survive).
Gian panda, Sichuan, China Gian panda, Sichuan, China
Panda in Chengdu, China

Pictures of panda. The pandas are really nice and very, very lazy animals. Sometimes in their face you may see a kind of smile, or a more serious expression.
Giant panda eating bamboo
Giant panda eating bamboo, China
More photos of panda. Although they normally eat only bamboo, they are able also to process meat and other different food. However, they are normally unable to catch other animals, because they are too slow. A panda eats normally about 20 kilos of bamboo per day. Click HERE to see a video (2 megabytes)
Panda picture taken while the animal is resting. In order to save more energy, all the time is normally spent between sleeping and eating.
Panda pups
Panda photos. These cubs were born on August 2005, about 8 months ago, and will be reintroduced in nature as soon as they will have more chances to survive.
Sleeping panda cub
Sleeping panda pup

Panda pictures showing cute cubs while sleeping.
Panda pup, China
The panda tour in China's Sichuan province continues observing pandas at Wolong panda research center.
Gian panda, Sichuan, China
Panda pictures showing another cub playing and making some exsercise, it is so funny to assist... Click HERE to see a video (7 megabytes)
This adult panda is abbeverating along a stream close to Panda research institute in Wolong.
Gian panda, Sichuan, China
The panda safari trip in China ends observing this funny animal while eating and resting.
The pandas are animals quite at risk. I hope that they will live between these mountains forever, so that for our future generations, it will be still possible to enjoy them.

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