Overland trip in Tibet from Lhasa to Gyangtse

April 22nd, 2006 

Trip from Lhasa to Gyangtse in a 4x4 with guide and driver, crossing three himalayan high passes and driving among the Yamdrok Yumtso lake. The spectacular scenery of the himalayan plateau in southern Tibet is the backdrop of Palkhor monastery in Gyangtse, where I arrive in the afternoon for a sightseeing tour.

The trip from Lhasa to Gyangtse in Tibet is about 300 kilometres and lasts about 6 hours. The road is partly asphalted and partly gravel. It is also necessary to cross three scenic high mountain passes.
Driving in Tibet from Lhasa to Gyangtse before climbing to the first pass.
Roads in Tibet from Lhasa to  Gyangtse
Roads in Tibet from Lhasa to  Gyangtse

The beautiful scenery of southern Tibet that can be osserved from the car while climbing on an himalayan pass.
High altitude pass in Tibet
On the top of the first pass, at an elevation of 4600 meters, there is a beautiful view over Yamdrok Yumtso lake.
Yamdrok Yumtso lake, Tibet Yamdrok Yumtso lake, Tibet
Photos of Tibet scenery along the road from Lhasa to Gyangtse.
Yamdrok Yumtso lake, Tibet
Other pictures of Yamdrok Yumtso lake, at 4300 meters of elevation on Tibet plateau.
Various tibetan villages along the road from Lhasa to Gyangtse.
Roads in Tibet Overland trip in Tibet by 4x4

Climbing to the second and highest pass along Lhasa to Gyangtse road, in the heart of Himalaya. Now there is just a gravel road, but still easy enough to drive on (in any case it's best to hire a driver, avoiding to drive here alone).
High altitude mountain pass by jeep, Tibet High altitude mountain pass by jeep, Tibet
Pictures on the top of the second pass, at 5000 meters of elevation.
A glacier in Tibet
A nice glacier on one of the mountain nearby.
Other pictures around the highest pass along Lhasa to Gyantse road in southern Tibet.
Yaks graze at 5000 meters, Tibet
Yaks grazing at 5000 meters. Yaks are animals adapted to survive in the thin air of Himalaya.
Again down at 4000 meters, with several tibetan villages along the way.
Artificial lake in Tibet
An artificial lake used to produce electricity.
Artificial lake in Tibet Artificial lake in Tibet
Artificial lake in Tibet

The view from the third pass along Lhasa to Gyantse road, at 4300 meters of elevation.
Gyangtse, Tibet Gyangtse, Tibet
After several hours among the spectacular scenery of Himalaya in southern Tibet, I finally get to Gyangtse, the today destination.
Picture of Gyangtse fort.
Prayer wheels, Tibet
The tour in Gyangtse starts with a visit to Palkhor monastery, where there are prayers wheels are around the main entrance.
Palkhor monastery, Tibet
Palkhor monastery, Tibet
Pictures of the entrance to Palkor monastery in Gyangtse.
Palkhor monastery, Tibet
I visit Baiju temple, part of the Palkor monastery complex, where it's allowed to take pictures by paying a small fee.
Baiju Temple, Gyangtse, Tibet Gifts to Buddha made of yak butter
A nice golden Buddha statue in Baiju Temple (Palkor monastery). The handicrafts in front, are made by painted yak's butter.
Golden Buddha statue, Tibet Golden Buddha statue, Tibet
More pictures of Palkor monastery (and precisely the Baiju temple) with the beautiful golden Buddha statue.
Huge statues are all around the room.
The library inside the monastery
Palkor monastery in Gyangtse houses a stupa and a library with many ancient books stored and well preserved.
A stupa, Tibet
Giant stupa, Gyangtse
The Palkor monastery complex houses also a very large stupa, made in Nepalese style. On the right picture, the eyes of Buddha. Unfortunately, it isn't possible to access this stupa inside if you just *carry* any type of camera (it's simply not enough to put the camera away, promising that you will not use your camera inside). Tibet is certainly the least friendly country for photographers that I have ever visited.
Prayers wheels around the stupa in Palkor monastery.
Giant stupa, Gyangtse
Giant stupa, Gyangtse

Other pictures of the stupa and the terraces.

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