Day tour around Lhasa in Tibet to Drepung and Sera monastery

April 21st, 2006 

Excursion to Drepung monastery not to far from Lhasa, followed by a further tour to Sera monastery and to the Dalai Lama's summer palace. Luckly, today the photo restrictions look to be less tight.

Drepung monastery, Lhasa, Tibet Drepung monastery, Lhasa, Tibet
Drepung monastery, Lhasa, Tibet

Pictures of Drepung, the Tibet's largest monastery that, before the invasion of Tibet from China (the so called "cultural revolution") it was populated by about 10000 monks (today are just 7-800, with several buildings destroyed forever).
Buddist monastery in Lhasa, Tibet
Prayers wheels, Tibet Prayers wheels, Tibet
Pictures of prayers wheels near Drepung monastery's entrance.
Drepung monastery, Lhasa, Tibet
Pictures of Drepung monastery taken from inside one of the palaces.
A monk in Lhasa, Tibet
On the left picture, a thangka.On the right picture, a praying monk.
Drepung monastery, Lhasa, Tibet
The tour to Drepung monastery continues visiting many palaces and their courtyards.
Dalai Lama trone, Drepung monastery, Tibet
On the left picture: a Dalai Lama's trone. On the center, Buddha statues meaning long life. On the right, a library with books.
Drepung monastery, Lhasa, Tibet
Buddist monastery, Tibet

Photos of Drepung monastery showing the immense complex of buildings, that is actually a small city.
Buddha statues, Tibet

Photos from inside Drepung monastery showing the room of thousand Buddha.
Drepung monastery, Lhasa, Tibet
The kitchen inside Drepung monastery. Before the invasion from China, these huge pots were used to cook the meals for all the monks of the entire monastery.
Drepung monastery, Lhasa, Tibet
A vast meeting room in Drepung monastery.
Golden buddha statue, Lhasa, Tibet
Pictures of a beautiful golden Buddha statue from Drepung monastery.
Drepung monastery, Lhasa, Tibet

Other photos between Drepung monastery's streets.
A big stupa in Sera monastery, Lhasa
The day tour continues with a visit to Sera monastery, not far from Lhasa downtown. In the picture, a stupa with prayers wheels all around.
Prayers wheels, Lhasa, Tibet Prayers wheels
Pictures of prayers wheels.
Buddist monks in Sera monastery, Lhasa
The daily meeing of monks in Sera monastery.
View inside one of the temples that composes the complex of Sera monastery.
Dalai Lama trone, Lhasa
Picture of Sera monastery: a Dalai Lama's trone.
Dalai Lama summer palace
The tour continues with a visit to the summer residence of Dalai Lama.
Dalai Lama summer residence

Nice doors, with beautiful decorations.
Dalai Lama residence, Lhasa, Tibet
Norbuling Ka palace: the Dalai Lama's home during summer.
Dalai Lama palace, Lhasa, Tibet
No pictures permitted inside.
Dalai Lama summer palace, Lhasa, Tibet

Views in the garden and over other palaces that compose the complex belonging to Dalai Lama summer residence.

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