Safari to Savute (or Savuti ) in Botswana: "the place of the lions"

14 August 2006 

Safari tour to Savuti known to host lot of lions and considered one of the few places in Africa where, after a prologed drought, the lions may attack and eat the elephants. During a beautiful game drive at sunset, we spot lions feeding on an elephant's carcass.

Safari tour in Botswana Elephant

The game drive from Moremi Wildlife Reserve to Savute (Botswana), requires about 5-6 hours. We cross this bridge, where an elephant is drinking.
A giraffe seen along the way.
Botswana Botswana
Botswana Botswana

The nice landscape, with green trees and many pools of fresh water, driving from Moremi to Savute.
A huge crocodile.
Hippos Hippo, Botswana
Game drive in Botswana Hippo
Hippo Hippos, Botswana
Hippos Hippos
Hippo pictures. Two of the pools, are full of hippos.
Photo of a nice kudu (a large antelope)
Botswana wildlife
Pictures of antelopes and zebras.
Botswana wildlife
More wildlife seen during this safari tour in Botswana, while driving to Savute.
Botswana desert Botswana desert
Botswana desert Botswana desert
Botswana desert

Suddenly, getting closer to Savute, the landscape becomes much more dry, without pools of water and with many died trees. It looks like as a real Botswana desert.
A bush completely covered by a parasite plant.
Female lion Male lion

Pictures of lions. The Savuti area is particularly indicated to observe lions, and is one of the few places in Africa where, at the end of the driest season (generally in September), the lions attack and eat elephants. Up to 20 lions may have to work all together, to kill a so huge and dangerous animal.
Lion, Botswana
Lion picture. If you are looking for a place with many lions, Savuti in Botswana is the place to go!
Lion (female) Lion (male)
More lions pictures taken during the game drive in Botswana, into Savute (or Savuti) area.
Lion, Botswana
A male lion coming very close. We can safely observe him from the safari tour vehicle.
Savute ( Savuti ), Botswana
This apparently peaceful scene, actually hides a drama...
Savute, Botswana Savuti, Botswana
Feeding lions Feeding lions
Lions feeding on elephant carcass Lions feeding on elephant carcass fact, a group of lions is feeding on an elephant's carcass. Probably, the death of the elephant is not natural (a lion wouldn't have sufficient strenght to drag the elephant's head so far from the body), but the animal was perhaps shot, cut in parts and transported by a ranger, to protect a campsite in the neighborhood (a behaviour of the humans that, in any case, I don't approve).
African landscape Female lion
Female lion Lion eating meat
More lion pictures while feeding on the elephant's carcass.
Lions, Savute, Botswana
Lions in Africa Lions in Africa
Drinking lions
Lions drinking in a pool. The night is now coming, so we retire inside our tents to overnight.
Drinking lions

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