Botswana game drives in Moremi Wildlife Reserve

12 and 13 August 2006 

Moremi is a protected reserve in northenmost Botswana where game drives let to spot a huge variety of animals like cheetahs, zebras, giraffes, impalas, lions, hippos, warthogs, jackals, elephants, baboons, vultures and many colorful birds.

Moremi Wildlife reserve
Entering the Moremi reserve, where our Botswana safari tour continues with game drives in a protected area offering excellent wildlife viewing and sightseeing.
Moremi Wildlife Reserve, Botswana Moremi Wildlife Reserve, Botswana
Antelopes Antelope

Photos of Moremi Wildlife Reserve. Gnu, giraffes and antelopes in Moremi wildlife reserve, northern Botswana.
A group of elephants drinking from a pool. The dry season ( austral summer, June - September ) is the best period to visit Botswana and the parks, because the animals concentrate on the few pools of water remaining wet throughout the country. Also, the dried vegetation lets to spot the wildlife easier. During the wet season, the animals are much more scattered through the country.
Southern Ground Hornbill Lilac-Breasted Roller
Red-billed Hornbill

Top left picture, a Southern Ground Hornbill, a big non-flying bird. Top picture: the beautiful Lilac-Breasted Roller. Left picture: a Red-billed Hornbill. Botswana is also a birdwatcher paradise and an excellent destination for a birding tour.
Moremi wildlife reserve camping side Botswana
Our Moremi wildlife reserve campsite.
Two warthogs.
Lion Lion, Botswana
Lion, Moremi Wildlife Reserve, Botswana Lion, Moremi Wildlife Reserve
During our game drive in Moremi, we spot a lazy lion...
...and many elephants in the bush.
Cheetah eating an antelope Cheetah
Cheetah, Botswana Cheetah, Moremi Wildlife Reserve
The next day, before sunrise, we see a cheetah eating an antelope.
Impalas Impala
A nice group of impalas.
warthog warthog

Warthog pictures.
Another cheetah, a quite lucky day!
Game drive safari Zebras
Game drive safari pictures from Moremi Wildlife Reserve, Botswana.
A jackal.
Monkeys Monkeys

Monkey pictures.
Cheetah Cheetah
Vultures Vulture
Vultures Vultures
Additional cheetah pictures. We go back where the cheetah was seen before sunrise. The animal is resting in the shadow, but always keeping an eye open on the vultures wishing to feed on the same antelope's carcass.
A spectacular baobab.
Photo of a monitor lizard.
Elephants Elephant

Before sunset, se spot a group of elephants feeding between the bushes.
Elephants, Moremi Wildlife Reserve Elephants, Moremi Wildlife Reserve
More photos of elephants in Moremi Reserve, Botswana.
Elephant, Moremi Wildlife Reserve
Elephants, Moremi Wildlife Reserve, Botswana Elephants, Moremi Wildlife Reserve, Botswana
Elephants, Botswana Elephants, Botswana
The elephants eventually move to a pool, to drink.
Baboon Baboons
Baboon pictures.

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