Traveling from Maun to Okavango Delta in Botswana

8 and 9 August 2006 

How to get to Okavango delta in Botswana? In most cases, this trip requires an overnight in Maun, since the flight from Maun to Okavango Delta usually leaves in the morning. From Maun airport, a light aircraft leaves for Pom Pom island in the heart of Okavango Delta, from where the tour continues aboard a 4x4 first and then in the mekoro canoe.

In preparation for our tour to Okavango Delta, we drive from Nata to Maun where, along the road, we spot many ostrichs.
Maun campsite Near Maun, Botswana
Maun campsite. As the flight to Okavango leaves in the morning, we spent a night in a campsite in Maun, where we did build our own tents.
A beautiful sunset in Maun.
Acacia flower
Around the campsite in Maun there are colorful birds and acacia trees.
Maun, Botswana
One of the main streets in Maun, driving to the airport the next morning.
Cessna aircraft Takeoff from Maun
Getting to Okavango delta requires a short flight from Maun. The trip continues on this small aircraft, towards Pom Pom island in the middle of Okavango Delta. The flight time to the airstrip is about 20 minutes. There is also a "scenic" flight option, lasting 40 minutes, that flies over the national parks for better game view.
Okavango delta
The Okavango delta is a true natural wonder: a river that never reaches a sea, but dies on the sands of Kalahari desert, in a huge labyrinth of channels and islands, hosting a unique ecosystem.
Okavango delta
Landing in Pom Pom island Game drive
The airstrip at Pom Pom island onto Okavango delta. After landing in Pom Pom island, the trip continues for about one hour on a 4x4 bound for the "mokoro dock" where we will board a canoe.
Along the way, we start to spot lot of wildlife. In the pictures, a monkey seen from the jeep during the short game drive.
Photo of a giraffe.
Mokoro Okavango delta
Okavango delta Okavango delta
Okavango delta, Botswana Okavango delta, Botswana
Okavango delta, Africa Okavango delta, Africa
The trip in the Okavango Delta continues by mekoro among the water channels. The mokoro, or mekoro, is the traditional boat of the local people living here and is the ideal way to move between the channels of the Okavango Delta (the mekoro it is made from a single excavated trunk). A one hour trip between brings us on a small island where there is a campsite.
African fishing eagle
In the meanwhile, from the mekoro, we spot an african fishing eagle.
Giraffe Giraffe
Giraffes Giraffes

And then lot of giraffes on another island of the Okavango delta.
Campsite onto Okavango Delta Campsite onto Okavango Delta
Campsite onto Okavango Delta

We finally reach our campsite where we find pre-built tents. We will spend here the next three nights, doing day tours by mekoro and on foot along the water channels in Okavango Delta.
Campsite onto Okavango Delta
The shower, with nice panoramic view.
Botswana Botswana

The beautiful view around the campsite in Okavango Delta.

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