Day tour to Makgadikgadi Pans (the salt flats) in central Botswana

6 August 2006 

Tour to the salt flats in central Botswana where salt lakes create a unique ecosystem home to many different birds, including pelicans. The spectacular landscape is dominated by dried salt lakes, where coloful sunsets creates an environment that looks like another planet.

Botswana Botswana
Botswana Botswana
Driving from Nata to Makgadikgadi Pans in Botswana desert, over narrow paved roads and tracks.
Salt lakes, Botswana Salt lake, Botswana
Salt lake pictures. After several hours driving, we finally reach the first salt lake, extending about 200 km northward.
Pelicans Pelican

The salt lake in home to several pelicans and the bird life is generally very interesting.
Nata - Maun road, Botswana
The day continues driving to a dried salt lake. This is the road from Nata to Maun (Botswana), seen from a gas station.
Flamingoes Botswana desert
Botswana desert

After a while, we leave the main road again. Top-left picture: a group of flamingoes, still white because they are too young. Top picture: wood is purchased from a street vendor; it will be necessary the next evening to keep ourselves warm, sitting around the camp in the cold salt flat. Left picture: the dry landscape all around.
Botswana Ostrich
The road becomes again just a narrow unpaved track, while wil spot female ostrichs that can be observed along the way.
Mound (or termitaria)
Termites build their home ( Mound or " termitaria " ) orienting it always eastward. This is useful to maximize the surface exposed to the sun, and thence to accumulate more heat.
Mound (or termitaria)
baobab baobab
A nice baobab, with vultures on top.
Salt flat, Botswana
We finally reach a salt flat.
Salt flat, Botswana Salt flat, Botswana
Salt flat, Botswana Salt desert, Botswana
Salt desert, Botswana Salt desert, Botswana
Salt flats pictures. The salt flat is really immense and looks like as a salt desert. This region of Botswana doesn't host much wildlife, except birds, but it's spectacular because of the landscape and it's a nice addition to any safari tour to Botswana.
Salt flat
The surface of the salt flat.
Salt flat
African sunset
African sunset among the salt flats.
African sunset Botswana sunset
Botswana sunset

In the direction opposite to sunset, the sky is filled with pastel-like colors. This Botswana sunset is so spectacular that I will never forget it!
Camp in Botswana
The night in the middle of Botswana desert is very cold (quite close to freezing point), the fire is a very welcome addition in our camp !
Sunrise in the desert Sunrise in the desert
Sunrise in Botswana

The sunrise over the salt flats the next morning, just spectacular like the yesterday sunset !

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