Georgetown Life on Ascension: Georgetown and other towns <<-- GO
Ascension island has a military base and the people live in three small towns: Georgetown (Ascension Island capital), Travelers Hill and Two Boats. The local museum in Georgetown illustrates the interesting history of Ascension and explains why the island was, and is, so important for the world.
Swim in Ascension Island Relaxing on Ascension Island: beaches and sea <<-- GO
One of the reasons to go Ascension Island for an holiday is undoubtedly the beautiful sea. In this section of web site, you will find many photos and information about Ascension beaches, on how to get to them and what to expect while snorkeling just off the shore.
The volcanoes on Ascension Island Lunar landscape of Ascension Island: volcanoes and craters <<-- GO
Ascension Island counts 44 extinct volcanic cones, an average of a volcanic cone every 2 square kilometers when considering the whole size of the island. A walk around a volcanic cone reveals a world forged by violent forces, where multicolored lava has built a picturesque landscape that poses several challenges to rare endemic vegetation.
Ascension Island wildlife and vegetation Ascension Green Mountain: land crabs and rare plants <<-- GO
The Green Mountain is the highest extinct volcano on the island of Ascension and is the home for a large number of tropical plants imported in past centuries, in an attempt to produce vegetables and fruit locally. But the most extraordinary inhabitants of Green Mountain are certainly the intrepid terrestrial crabs, large crustaceans with a curious mating habits.
A trail on Ascension Island Walking on Ascension Island - hikes, treks and trails <<-- GO
Ascension Island is a paradise for hiking enthusiasts, thanks to an extensive network of trails that wind through ancient volcanoes, dramatic coastline, deserted beaches and dried lakes. Usually the paths terminate at a "letterbox", a kind of mailbox where you can sign the visitors book contained inside and put a stamp on your personal logbook.