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What To Pack For A Cruise To Fiji

Excited to star your Fiji cruise? The great thing about cruises is that there are no restrictions to the baggage you can carry, and here you can find your Packing Guide For A Cruise in Fiji

Fiji cruise

Excited to star your Fiji cruise? It has probably long been on your list of things to do, and now it is finally happening! All that’s left is for you to pack for the trip and that’s about it. Although, the packing part could give you some troubles, especially if you’ve never visited Fiji before, and if you’ve never been on this type of a cruise. It is completely normal for you to be confused about what to take with you.

If you’re still second guessing your decision of going on the cruise at all, this should help you make up your mind: While it is normal for you to be a bit confused about all of this, the truth is that you’ll need to get rid of the confusion before you go on the adventure. In other words, you will need to up your packing game by learning exactly what it is that you should carry with you on the trip. Therefore, you’ll benefit from a packing guide for a cruise in Fiji, and that’s exactly what I’ll provide you with below.

Your Packing Guide For A Cruise in Fiji

The great thing about cruises is that there are no restrictions to the baggage you can carry, meaning you’ll definitely be able to take everything you need with you. Still, this could perhaps make things even more complicated for you, as the lack of restrictions will make for a hectic packing process and for you not being able to decide what to take and what to leave behind. You want to pack smartly, and even if you’re a frequent traveller, I am quite sure that you don’t really like that process that much. Let’s make it easier by listing some of the things you’ll absolutely need to take with you.

Passports and Visas

Let’s cover the most important part first. You can’t go anywhere without your passports and visas. Pack these first, instead of thinking that you can’t forget something that important and then leaving it to be packed right before departure. You don’t want any unpleasant surprises when things get started, do you?

Booking Paperwork

Next, there is the booking paperwork. Cruise in Fiji is an activity that you have to book in advance, and you can’t get on board without showing the proper documentation to the staff. So, to avoid boarding issues, make sure to pack the booking paperwork in your carry-on luggage.


The last thing you need is to get sunburns during your trip, as those could make it completely unenjoyable. No matter how many beautiful things you will see and do, you’ll constantly be reminded of the pain you’re feeling, which can really turn the perfect trip into an unpleasant one. Sunscreen is, therefore, a must, especially if you’re planning on enjoying some activities, like swimming, that will leave you directly exposed to the Fiji sun that can be quite brutal at times.


You want to make memories on the cruise, don’t you? While you should “be in the moment” and enjoy the beautiful sceneries with your own eyes, looking at them through camera lenses for a few moments and taking the most amazing shots will also be a great thing. Sure, you can rely on your phone for taking the shots, but if you can, it would be better to take a camera with you, for better quality photos. Apart from that, an underwater camera could come quite in handy as well.

Casual Clothing

You will spend most of your time in casual wear during the cruise. So, don’t get all extravagant. You want something comfortable. Pick fabrics, such as cotton, that will keep you both comfortable and cool during the trip.


Some Evening Wear

Even though you shouldn’t get all extravagant about it, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pack any evening wear at all. If you want to enjoy the nightlife, a few evening outfits will be a must. After all, it’s not like you can go to parties in your swimsuits. Unless it is a swimsuit party, in which case you’re good to go.

Walking Shoes

While you will wear sandals and slippers most of the time, it won’t hurt to bring walking shoes with you. One of the reasons why you have decided to visit Fiji, including those listed by this useful source, could be because you’re excited to explore the rainforests and going on hikes. If that is the case, you will absolutely need comfortable walking shoes.

The Electronic Devices You Need

Don’t forget to take all the electronic devices you need with you. A lap top can come in handy, your phone is most likely a must, and then you can also grab a kindle if you enjoy reading. Of course, remember the chargers for all of those.

Sunglasses and Hats

In addition to sunscreen, you’ll also need sunglasses and hats. Once again, the sun can be quite strong. Polarized sunglasses will protect your eyes, as well as help you see without squinting, and the hats will protect your entire face from the sun.

But Also a Rain jacket

A rain jacket can, believe it or not, also come in handy. This is if you’re travelling between November and April. Rain is a thing in Fiji as well, so make sure you’re protected.

Fiji Cruise Activities

Understanding which activities to expect during your Fiji cruise will also give you a better idea about what to pack. You should always explore the specific activities offered on the particular cruise package you will offer, so as to get a clear idea about that. Anyway, there are some general activities that are bound to be a part of the offer regardless of the package you choose.

Those include swimming, diving and snorkelling, for one thing. So, you may want to take the equipment necessary for these activities, including not only your swimsuit, but also a mask and snorkel, for example. Then, there is also kayaking, and there are tours on glass bottomed boats that will make for an amazing experience and that you certainly shouldn’t miss. To learn what else to expect, as mentioned, always take a look at the description of the cruises while booking.



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