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Types of Glamping Accommodation in Scotland

Camping doesn't sound like a fancy vacation. On the other hand, glamping it's a type of outdoor accommodation for those who want to be in full contact with nature, but with the comfort and the benefits that exist in five-star hotels.

Glamping tent

Camping doesn't sound like a fancy vacation. It's a type of outdoor rest for those who want to be in full contact with nature. On the other hand, glamping is the latest trend that attracts a lot of attention. It will interest even those who are not fans of this kind of vacation.

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From the word itself, one can roughly conclude what glamping is. It's a form of camping since it involves staying in tents in nature. But this outdoor vacation doesn't provide an ordinary stay in a linen tent and sleeping on the ground. It has all the benefits that exist in five-star hotels. This trend is a combination of luxury and simplicity, with an inviolable approach to nature.

If you decide to go glamping in Scotland, you can expect a fantastic view and a unique landscape. There, you can enjoy all the privileges of hotel accommodation. As you look to the forest or open sea, you can relax in a cozy bed, bathe in the hot tub, or enjoy a personal spa. What you'll get depends on your budget.


Glamping Tents

The first association with staying in nature is tents. Redesigning and equipping of classic camper tents gave rise to the idea of glamping. These can be so-called safari tents, teepees, or bell tents, which are closest to traditional camping. For windier places, geodetic domes are used, due to the stable and robust structure.

At first glance, this kind of accommodation doesn't seem glamorous, but the owners of these tents have tried to raise them to a higher level - both literally and metaphorically. They set these canvases on wooden platforms raised from the ground. Tents are often as spacious and furnished as hotel rooms. They contain beds, bedside tables, comfy chairs, and many other furniture pieces. Those even more luxurious have electricity, Internet connection, showers, hot water, etc.


Cottages and Lodges

With this accommodation, you can see another big difference between classic and luxury camping. In traditional camping, you carry your tent with you and set it up in the desired location. The glamping cabins and lodges are set up in attractive locations with breathtaking views.

Since the cabins and lodges are made of durable materials, they provide more opportunities for luxury furnishing. As seen on the Best Scottish Cottages website, you can even have a jacuzzi, sauna, top sound system, or a bar. These facilities are often made from recycled materials.


Tree Houses

Glamping treehouse

Treehouses are popular not only with kids but also with adults who want to spend time in beautiful Scottish nature. Staying and resting among the treetops has a positive effect on both the mind and the body. The feeling when you are a few tens of feet above the ground is unrepeatable, so as the view.

This type of accommodation has a minimal negative impact on the environment. Treehouses show how glamping protects nature. Commercial hotels use a lot of energy and make tones of garbage daily. Glamping relies on natural sources - recycled materials, composite toilets, solar panels, and so on.


Camper Vans and Trails

Trails and vans used for glamping are not mobile. Some of these vehicles still have wheels for authenticity, but this type of accommodation is stationary. You can find them in camping parks along with many other campervans. These are an excellent choice for those who want to spend their vacation with friends. Visit this page for some tips in planning your next summer camp.

As for the equipment, it depends on the size of the space. For example, a van can be used as a spacious bedroom, while a trailer can have a toilet and a fully equipped kitchen. There is usually a platform in front of the campervan with a luxuriously furnished deck for a pleasant stay outside. There can be a barbecue, comfy chairs or swings, a mini-bar, and even a pool or hot tub.

The way people imagined an ideal vacation has changed. Nature has always been the ideal place for leisure, return to basics, and mind reset. Glamping is a unique experience that allows you to choose to spend your holiday outdoor without sacrificing comfort and luxury.



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