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Things to Consider When Hiring Leiebil Spania

At online car hire companies, such as Leiebil Spania, you can conveniently find a trustworthy car hire provider anywhere in Spain. Be in Alicante, Barcelona, Malaga, Majorca, or any other destination, you can fearlessly drive down the country roads with a dependable car service.

Leiebil Spania

You won’t do justice to your travel plans if you don’t traverse picturesque Spain on four-wheels. Driving through the meandering boulevard of Spain lands features in almost every tourist’s bucket list. With a plethora of car rental services in Spain, you may not face any difficulty in hiring a car for your traveling needs.

Too many options can often toss more confusion making it increasingly challenging to find a reliable rental car provider.

Relying on a service just at its face value may not be an ideal thing to do. At online car hire domains such as, you can conveniently find a trustworthy car hire provider anywhere in Spain. Be in Alicante, Barcelona, Malaga, Majorca, or any other destination, you can fearlessly drive down the country roads with a dependable car service.

Be it for local purposes or leisure travel across the country, here are a few things to consider when hiring a car rental service.


Purpose of renting

You may want to hire a vehicle for different requirements. A clear purpose in mind makes it easier to pick the right kind type of car making the process lesser stressful and overwhelming.

If you are planning a weekend getaway with your family, you can hire a vehicle size that is comfortable for all of you to travel together. Also, how many days do you need the car for? For instance, if you are planning to visit your grandparents at Bunol for a couple of days, you can rent a two-seater vehicle and enjoy your drive.

If you are shifting a house and want to transport your personal belongings, you may need to hire a suitable vehicle for the purpose. You can also hire vehicles for long-distance travel. Say you want to attend a destination wedding in the Canary Islands, a top-rated provider should be able to arrange for a well-suited car for the purpose.



Renting a car in Spain

Driving, especially in a foreign land needs both drivers and providers to ensure safety measures. When hiring a vehicle, it is important to check that the provider is licensed to offer such a service. Preferably, look for reputed services that follow all the necessary protocols on-road travel.

A dependable company will always inspect the condition of the car before handing it over. Be it the engine, wheels, brakes, or any other part of the car, a decent car rental service will never shy from sharing the vehicle’s details. You can ask the provider for the latest report from a certified service station to ensure it's safe to drive it.



Every company has a different price policy. You can check different sites to settle with the best bargain. When comparing make sure you compare the daily rates based on the distance of travel and duration of hire. The rates may vary depending on the season and the day of the week as well.

Higher demands for bigger or luxury vehicles may call for a price shoot. Most companies in Spain offer low rates for weekend hire. So, if you are comparing rates, make sure you check for all days. If you are hiring for a certain period, paying per kilometer is typically a cheaper option than booking for a duration.

If you are looking for a chauffer-driven car, well, that may cost you more. However, prioritize safety and comfort when renting a vehicle. Check with the provider for options on top-of-the-line vehicles as well as basic cars before booking.


Vehicle selection

Rent a car in Spain

Can the four-wheeler company cater to your needs? What are the vehicle sizes available? You may need spacious vehicles for long-distance travel with your family. You may need a vehicle that can accommodate many passengers along with their luggage. Hence, check the vehicle size, its leg space, seating arrangement, loading capacity, etc before hiring.

When renting from an agency, ask for a catalog of the vehicles. A company that can provide a range of options is a better choice. Whether fuel-powered cars, battery-operated cars, or vans, a reputed provider can give you various options to choose from. Check the make and type of vehicles available before renting.


On-road assistance

Check if your rental company offers roadside assistance. This should be free, at least for problems that may arise in the car that is not a result of the client’s fault. Sudden breakdown, puncture or brake failure, etc, may need immediate attention. A top-rated service provider should be able to send immediate help to the client if such an incident occurs.

If you can visit the company office. This will help you identify the quality of services they extend to customers. A professional provider will readily meet their potential clients and try to provide the best customer service.


Who fills the tank?

A mutual agreement, preferably in writing can make things simpler. Sure, you wouldn’t want to get into an argument with the provider on how much extra you need to pay for the gas.

Your rental company should be able to hand a car with a full tank of gas. In most cases, this arrangement calls for the client to return the car just the way it was hired. However, sometimes if you aren’t able to return the vehicle with a tank full of gas, you may be charged for the deficient amount.



Spain car rental

When hiring a four-wheeler, make sure you get to access the best facilities. Many car rental agencies provide child seats, booster seats, roof racks for luggage, snow-chains, etc. for free while others may charge you a nominal fee. Look for a company that can offer you decent discounts. You may find top-rated dealers in Spain that include these additional items in their discounted packages.


Do your research

Asking friends and family who’ve used rentals services before can be helpful. You can read up customer testimonials on the company’s site or ask around for feedback before hiring. A company’s reputation depends on its service quality.

When renting a vehicle, do your research on factors such as reliability and quality that the provider offers its customers. There are several online forums where you can seek customer reviews to ensure your safety on road.


Check terms and conditions

When renting a car you need to take into consideration the various possibilities on road. What are the terms of settlement in case of the car is damaged due to an accident? Will you have to pay for it or is there a provision for insurance? Before hiring, make sure that the contract mentions insurance and tax details and that there are no hidden costs. Clarifying the terms before hiring is always a good idea.



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