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How to Prepare for a Rogue River Rafting Adventure?

Have you ever been river rafting? If not, you haven’t experienced the adrenaline of paddling down a turbulent river while hitting rocks and facing challenges throughout the trip. Let's see what are the most important things to know, to fully enjoy river rafting.

River rafting adventure

Have you ever been river rafting? If not, you haven’t experienced the adrenaline of paddling down a turbulent river while hitting rocks and facing challenges throughout the trip. Rafting is all about teamwork, as paddlers need to function harmoniously in order to remain safe on the boat.

There are numerous river rafting trip organizers, such as Orange Torpedo, offering rafting adventures in many US states. You’re only supposed to book a trip, get prepared, and enjoy the experience along with your friends or family.

The tips below will help you get ready for your first river rafting trip.


Pay attention to the guide

Listening to the guide is unquestionably vital when going on a river-rafting adventure, as these professionals are responsible for the safety of every participant in the trip. Raft guides share a multitude of safety tips prior to getting onto the vessel and continue giving instructions once everyone is on the boat.

For instance, these experts advise adventurers on how to improve their paddling technique or how to react in case one of the participants falls off the boat. Most importantly, you have to listen closely to the instructions the guide provides about high-siding. Guides use this command solely in emergency situations when the vessel is about to capsize. Upon hearing the word high-siding, every paddler is supposed to move to the downstream area of the watercraft, given the tremendous water pressure on the upstream part.


Wear the necessary gear

In order for adventurers to stay safe throughout the entire rafting trip, every paddler is required to wear a life jacket and a helmet. Wearing a life jacket just for the sake of it won’t keep you safe in the event of an accident. It has to be fitted in a way it lets you breathe but still be tight enough not to let you remove it easily.

The same goes for the helmet, which is supposed to be close-fitting and comfortable at the same time. Keep in mind that the staff is trained to fit the safety equipment of paddlers in compliance with the safety standards, which is why you’re encouraged to ask for their assistance.


Pack the necessary things

The only way for adventurists to enjoy the trip to the fullest is by packing the essential items. Regarding clothing, paddlers are suggested to wear a wetsuit and water shoes in order not to feel cold. It’s paramount to take dry clothing so as to change the wet clothes once the trip is over. Wearing regular footwear isn’t recommended, as normal shoes won’t prevent slip and fall accidents on the boat. Go to this page to learn how wetsuits work.

Paddling down a turbulent river

Moreover, paddlers are supposed to wear UV protection sunglasses with a strap to prevent the reflection of the water affects their maneuvering skills. Additionally, the strap allows them not to lose the sunglasses during the turbulent movements of the boat.

Wearing sunscreen is of the utmost importance, as getting sunburns is highly likely when being on the water. Paddlers are expected to prevent getting sunburn or hypothermia. Also, make sure you take a water bottle on the boat to avoid getting dehydrated.


Learn how to hold the paddle

In order to prevent injuring yourself or another person on the vessel, you are supposed to learn the right technique for holding the paddle. The crucial thing to remember is to put one hand over the T grip, referring to the end of the oar. Once you remove your hand from the T grip, there’s a great likelihood of injuring another paddler.

The best way to stay in control of the paddle is by keeping your hands at the right places at all times. Otherwise, you might knock the teeth out of some of the other paddlers or give them a black eye. Panic is an unwelcomed companion to river rafting trips, as it won’t aid your rescue in case you fall out of the vessel. The following link,, explains the difference between rowing and paddling.


Final word

River rafting is an excellent way to feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins.

Book a trip to feel the excitement!



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