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Lord Howe Island Packages Available for You

Lord Howe Island is a tropical paradise with a closed number of tourists permitted at any time, but the good thing is that there are plenty of holiday packages available to experience easily its flora, fauna, the beauty of the beaches and the incredible nature.

Lord Howe Island

You may want to go on vacation, but there are simply too many options for you. If it's time for you to take a break, you can go to Lord Howe in Australia, and this is easily one of the most stunning places available. You will never regret going there for a vacation, and this may even be one of the memorable days of your life.

The good thing about Lord Howe is that there are plenty of holiday packages available. You can experience a lot of fun and get a good feel of Lord Howe Island and its flora and fauna. Experience the beauty of the beaches and nature with your loved one or family. You can rest assured that the activities are plenty, you can go hiking, get around the island, fishing, and more.


More about the Island

Lord Howe is just a 2-hour plane ride from Brisbane or Sydney. This can be an easy add-on for your vacation if you plan to go on vacation in these two major cities. The area is 373 miles east of the mainland, and it was famously listed as a World Heritage site in 1982. Since then, everyone has aimed to preserve the pristine environment and help the locals get livelihood with tourists' help.

One of the main ways to keep the island in shape and in good condition is to limit the tourists at a given time. A full island means that only about 350 to 400 people are allowed, and this is to preserve the ecosystem and oceans around the area. You can always book a special package with an itinerary of the activities you can do on the island.


The Beaches are Amazing

One of the bluest and clearest waters that you may experience in your life is at Lord Howe. There the Ned's Beach, Lagoon Beach, North Bay, Old Settlement Beach, Blinky Beach, and more, where you can snorkel, dive, swim, and surf. You can read more about lagoons when you click here.

The pristine beaches and white sands are gorgeous, and you may never want to leave the place. You can even swim with the turtles near shorelines and feed the fishes. Swim with the schools around you and eat a picnic lunch afterwards. Over 15 beaches are there, and you'll be busy exploring them if you have enough time.


See the Wildlife

A fun fact that many tourists may appreciate is that the beaches at Lord Howe are part of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. This is the southernmost coral reefs, and you'll see an abundance of them near the shore. You can take pictures and post this on your social media profile that you've gone to one of the wonders of the world.

Find sea turtles near the shores, dive and see different fish species, and get close to the Ball's Pyramid. If you are not much into snorkeling, you can always discover the wildlife on land. Tons of red-tailed tropicbirds can wait for you on top of the cliffs, and there are more than 200 species of them that you can take incredible photographs of to serve as mementos of your holiday.


Do Stargazing

Seeing the stars from Down Under can be an amazing and relaxing feeling. If you are from another country, it will be a different sky altogether. The island is very remote and has few residents. It's not polluted with factories and cars, so you'll get a clearer view of the stars.

Many tourists even see the night sky with fantastic clarity with their naked and without telescopes' help. If you are into astrophotography, stargazing is highly recommended, and you can capture treasured photos that will take you back under the skies of Lord Howe in the years to come.


Get into Outdoor Activities

Tropical beach

There's so much to do on the island, and the best way to travel around is by riding a bike. Many hotels can let you rent one, and some may include the bikes as part of the whole package. Aside from the bikes, you can also get other rental equipment like kayaks for ocean exploration.

If you're not comfortable traveling alone, the good news is that there are tours with guides that will help you explore. Bits of islands like the tall sea cliffs can only be accessed by boat. There's also the snorkeling and diving activities that are a lot of fun in the Marine Park. There's so much fun that you should never miss out, and it's well worth it to travel on land or spend time under the sea.


Go on Hikes

One of the major things that you can do in Lord Howe is to get into hiking. Know more why you should go on hikes here: You can climb the Malabar hills before sunrise and see a magical view of the sea of clouds before you. There's also the view on the cliffs, green trees, bright turquoise waters, and the blue sky that will make a picture-perfect vacation.

For hikers who love a challenge, going into Mount Gower is well worth the effort. There are arranged and guided tours for an 8-hour hike on the mountains, and these rope-assisted climbs are for the adventurous ones. The overall height can be more than 870 meters, and this is considered the tallest mountain on the island.

With so many things to do, it may be time to pack your bags and go for a fantastic adventure! Because the accommodation can be limited at times, it's recommended to go with the packages that simultaneously include accommodation and flights.

You'll get a list of accommodations and apartments when you arrive and get guided tours as well. Flights can be booked online, and you can always opt for a travel specialist agent to help you out with the arrangements.

It's recommended to make the bookings in advance to take advantage of the affordable packages available during off-peak seasons. Ensure that you plan your vacation right and get your leaves approved on the date of your flight. You deserve a vacation once in a while!



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