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How to Plan the Perfect Vacation in the Maldives?

Have you always dreamed of visiting the Maldives? This picturesque island country resembles a jigsaw puzzle consisting of no fewer than 1,190 islands scattered across the Indian Ocean.

Beach in the Maldives

The Maldives feature untouched and dreamy islands with secluded beaches, magnificent marine life, and a myriad of locations for scuba diving, snorkeling, and dolphin watching. There is a variety of water villa Maldives offers, suitable for family holidays, romantic getaways, and perfect honeymoons.

The following tips will help you plan the perfect vacation in the Maldives.


Take the weather into account

The inceptive tip to follow when organizing a trip to the Maldives is planning according to the weather. Even though the period between November and April is regarded as the best time to visit this island country, the peak season is between December and March. During the peak tourist season, travelers can enjoy storm-free weather and endless sunshine.

Nevertheless, during these months, when the weather is absolutely delightful, hotel and resort rates are much higher in cost, as well as the cost of various entertaining activities. If traveling on a budget, you should consider arranging a trip during the shoulder season, referring to the months of November and April. The weather is still pleasant, whereas accommodation prices aren’t sky-high.

The off-season, from May to September, is characteristic of the monsoons and low prices. Since the weather is mainly wet, very few tourists decide to visit the Maldives during these months. Tourists should be aware of the winter monsoons, called Hulhangu and Iruvai. The former takes place between May and August, whereas the latter occurs around October/November. Hulhangu brings harsh winds and rough seas.


Plan your airplane rides and transfers carefully

Another essential tip for first-time visitors to follow is planning their airplane rides and transfers carefully. Apart from choosing the most convenient flight to Male, the capital of the country, you should also plan your transfer from Male to your resort. Speedboats and seaplanes are the transport options to consider. Read here about the geography of Male, some interesting facts, and points of interest.


Nevertheless, both seaplane and speedboat providers have limited operating hours. Their services aren’t usually available after 2-3 pm. Unless you create a faultless plan, you might end up with an overnight in Male that you hadn’t planned. Consequently, your trip to paradise will be shorter by one day. When arranging flights, you should ideally arrive in Male prior to 10am.


Choose the right accommodation

The Maldives are nothing short of hotel accommodation, as there are over a hundred magnificent resorts scattered on the islands. The most common dilemma tourists face when choosing a resort is whether to stay in a water villa or a beach villa. The former refers to a building located on top of the water with the help of stilt support. Water villas are mainly built over shallow reefs and feature wooden pathways for guests to access them.

While some tourists are concerned about the stability of overwater villas, there’s no room for any concerns, as these buildings are situated in shallow waters and secured properly into the sand. Guests can take a dip in the ocean whenever they want and be amazed by the stunning sunset views. Water villas are usually located on secluded beaches, which benefits individuals who appreciate their privacy.

Beach villas, as the name implies, are located on the beach. These tend to provide less privacy than overwater villas, mainly depending on how crowded the island is during your stay. Beach villas offer tourists picturesque views of the Indian Ocean, so make sure the building is as close to the ocean as possible.

A resort in the Maldives


Check the must-try activities

While the Maldives is the ideal location for a relaxing vacation, these dreamy islands are also made for exploring and adventure. Scuba diving is probably the most popular water activity in the Maldives due to the inviting ocean, copious marine life, and crystal clear waters. If scuba diving is not your cup of tea, you should try snorkeling. The following link,, explains four ways to snorkel.

There’s no need for individuals to dive deep, considering how pristine the water is. During a snorkeling session of a few hours, you’ll come across sea turtles, colorful fish flocking, and other magnificent forms of marine life. Dolphin watching is another must-try activity in this island country, as the dolphins here are incredibly playful and active. Make sure you sign up for a dolphin excursion and set on a quest for dolphins just before sunset.

Island hopping is another must for every traveler, as it provides the opportunity for tourists to immerse themselves in the culture. If staying at one of the private islands, spend some time on the local islands nearby to get to know the local communities. The locals in the Maldives follow a Muslim culture, which is strict when it comes to acceptable clothing. Make sure to avoid wearing shorts and short skirts.

Maldives islands

Foodies would be pleased to visit the undersea restaurant made entirely of glass, which is incredibly intimate and features only fourteen seats. Every meal on the menu is caught in a sustainable manner. Nevertheless, reservations must be made months in advance.


Pack wisely

Packing is an indispensable aspect of every trip, but every destination requires travelers to pack differently. When traveling to the Maldives, you’re strongly advised against packing alcohol, pork, and tobacco products, which aren’t acceptable to their Muslim culture. Given these islands are among the most exotic destinations worldwide, remember to carry a water-resistant camera to film all the action happening both underwater and on land.

If traveling on a budget, make sure to carry diving, snorkeling, and surfing gear to reduce the renting costs for such equipment. Besides swimsuits to wear on the private islands, you would also need to pack some trousers, long skirts, shirts, and other decent clothing when visiting the locals.


Final thoughts

Your dream destination awaits your arrival.

It’s a trip full of memories!



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