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Hobart Accommodation Tourist Guide for TAS — Things to do in Tasmania

Normally referred to by its residents as Tas, Tasmania is an isle located in Australia, with a big story in its hand, beautiful landscapes and exciting wildlife. Let's see what to do in Tasmania and where to stay.

Tasmania guide

A lot of people might find that traveling is an interesting and life-changing experience. I agree with the people that say that traveling and exposing yourself to different environments, customs, cultures, and people is a way of spiritually, mentally, and emotionally maturing. But how does it change you, exactly?

For me, It is a way of understanding how would you react to new experiences and how you can absorb knowledge and teachings from cultures and places that are different from the ones you are accustomed to seeing and experiencing, as well as a way to appreciate the little things life has to offer, as well as the natural landscaping displayed by the world and the structures and places by mankind through history.

It is, in a way, a form of sensibilization that establishes a connection not only between you and your inner self but between you and the world and the people that surround you. But we at the Wrest Point accommodation Hobart understand how difficult it can be to travel to a foreign country, even more, enjoy the experience without knowing anything about it.

Traveling is an experience that should be lived with preparation since it often requires a lot of money to be lived in the first place. You don’t want to regret picking a place out of nowhere, and that is the reason why people come up with tourist guides, to help foreigners enjoy new places.

And that is the way we decided to create this tourist guide for those who have decided to give Tasmania a try, so they get to know more about the things they can experience so they can get the most out of their hard-earned vacations.


The Tas Isle

Normally referred to by its residents as Tas, Tasmania is an isle located in Australia, and by now, as of March 2020, has over 500,000 residents. Around 40% of its population can be found in Hobart, the capital city of the isle.

The isle has a big story in its hand, with rumors of being lived by indigenous peoples far back in our history, around 30,000 years before the British colonization. Tasmania receives its name from its first European discoverer, Abel Tasman, but it counts with many names besides this one.


Why You Should Visit It:

1. Hobart’s Salamanca Market

Hobart Salamanca Market

If you enjoy seeing the local talent of the places you visit, and exposing yourself to the culture, customs, typical food as well as handmade crafts and creations, the Salamanca Market held every Saturday on Hobart is probably one of the best experiences you can enjoy while visiting Tasmania.

A good example of things you can purchase while visiting the Salamanca market includes a great variety of veggies and fruits, locally recognized pastries, pure Tasmanian honey, famous local beverages done by artisans, as well as different types of typical food consumed by its residents.

If you are one to buy souvenirs for yourself or the people you love, you can get precious metallurgic jobs aimed to beautify your home or yourself, mantles for your house’s kitchen and beds, wood goods like spoons, plates, containers, and many other interesting choices.

Overall, this experience is something you can’t miss out on if you truly want to learn about the Tasmanian culture and the things people enjoy doing and sell for a living.


2. Launceston’s Junction Arts Festival

If you are an adventurous fella or just want to experience traveling inside Tasmania, you can also give it a try and visit Launceston’s during the Junction Arts Festival, where people share their art skills and enjoy different experiences in group harmony.

This year’s event will be held in Prince Square from 27 to 29 of November 2020, so it might be a little late for some people, but you can always expect new held events and enjoy the experience, which tends to be different during each presentation.


3. The Magic of the Aurora Australis

This might be a situation of sheer luck since predictions of this magnificent even tend to be erratic, yet, it is one hell of an experience that can be observed in some places around the world, with Tasmania being one of the options you have.

Commonly, one of the reasons why the Junction Arts Festival when it is, it’s because you might have the chance of enjoying this experience while also enjoying the celebration. This, indeed, is a magic occurrence that you truly want to live if you get to visit Tasmania.

And believe when I tell you that it’ll be one experience you won’t forget in your lifetime.


4. Walk Through the Table Cape Tulip Farm

If you don’t believe us, you can check it yourself on the Internet, but if you are lucky enough and prepare for the visit, you might be able to walk through a big field of tulips, surpassing hectares of rainbow-filled flowers for you to gaze upon.

You might also enjoy the Bloomin Tulip Festival from one of its closest villages, and enjoy the music, food, and activities the townfolk has to offer.


Don’t Miss Out

Traveling is something that can change your life forever, and visiting as many places, or at least until you are satisfied, might also help you encounter something that you feel has been missing for a long time, As you have witnessed, Tas is one great alternative to pick from a lot of choices to travel you have all around the world. Although we decided to share some of the most popular reasons why people visit Tasmania, there are many more events and places to visit, and if you are interested, you can have more detailed information here:

Just make sure to make the proper preparations and organize your schedule accordingly, as well as picking the right tickets during the right time to not miss out on the events, festivals, and special occasions inside the island. With that said, you don’t have to enjoy all the special events of the state to have fun and enjoy all places and experiences Tasmania has to offer, so take that into consideration when deciding what to do!



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