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Health Benefits of Stand Up Paddleboard for Your Outdoor Trip

In this guide, you will find information about a sport that has proven to be very popular among people. That sport is paddle boarding or SUP, which is short for stand up paddle boarding, a modern sport with several health benefits.

Stand up on a paddleboard

When you start working, it can be kind of difficult to focus on yourself. You leave out important things like keeping your body in good shape and setting aside time for exercise. It is crucial to find that time of the day to work on yourself and improve in your career while you are improving your physical health.

But how do you choose the right sport for you when there are so many options out there? In this guide, you will find information about a sport that has proven to be very popular among people. That sport is paddle boarding or SUP, which is short for stand up paddle boarding.

SUP is a modern sport that can be categorized under surfing. In this sport, a boarder can stand on the board, which is floating on the water. It would be best if you propelled yourself to keep the balance and thoroughly enjoy this sport.

This is an outdoor activity which in 2013 was said to be one of the most popular sports at the time. This sport dates for a hundred years and has changed a thousand times. SUP as we know it today has been introduced in the early 1900s in Hawaii. What are the health benefits of SUP? If you want to keep reading about this sport, you could follow the link:


Burn calories

More and more employers today are implementing job positions that can be done remotely from home. This means more sitting in the same place and less activity. With this lifestyle, many people find it difficult to lose weight and get in shape.

Stand-up paddleboarding is the right sport for you if you want to get in shape. The truth is that people tend to do sports that burn the most calories. Well, luckily, SUP burns a lot of them. For example, walking for an hour could burn you 400 calories tops, and that is if you are fast walking.

But SUP can help you burn up to 1200 calories for an hour! Sounds amazing, right? This, of course, depends on your body and your gender. Different bodies burn calories at different speeds. Nevertheless, you will be burning more than 800 calories per hour, that is for sure.



We are all aware that cardio is not fun at all. You are giving all your strength just to lose some weight. Some even do it for health reasons because it allows them to improve their health. It is unnecessary to even begin talking about the importance of a cardio workout. How do you make it fun?

Well, stand up paddleboard surf is there for you! How to say no to a sport that includes beach, water, sand, sunshine, and sunrise? There is no place for boredom, only a place for enjoyment. For some, it unimaginable to do a cardio workout and have fun.

You will not need to imagine it to feel the benefits of this sport. SUP requires constant moving and keeping your balance at the same time. This means that your circulation will speed up hence improve your metabolism.

It has been proven that these sports help many resolve health issues. If you suffer from diabetes, this sport is the solution for you. If you have problems with your joints, SUP is the right choice for you, and so on.

SUP (Stand Up Paddle boarding)


Fun and exciting

A workout is always easier to do when it is done with friends. Luckily, SUP is the right sport to do with your closest ones. You can gather a couple of friends and race them with your stand up board. You can even organize a competition for your group and make it even more fun.

You will not be only doing your daily cardio workout, but at the same time, you will be enjoying a nice day surrounded by the ones you love the most. There is nothing like exercising in a picturesque area with the closest ones.


Reducing stress

You have certainly noticed that every doctor implies the need to reduce stress. Almost every disease or health problem was born from stress. When we are under pressure, our body works hard to minimize that stress and get to the normal state.

Reducing your stress naturally and healthily should be your top one priority, especially if you work in a stress-prone job. A stand up paddleboard will allow you to get rid of all the unnecessary stress that has been piling up for a long time. You can click here for more info.

Learning to keep your balance on the board will help you implement that knowledge in real life. You will be more successful at keeping your stress on a low level and balancing work with your social life. Just imagine how it would be to spend at least an hour hearing the sounds of birds and sea and relaxing from the demanding everyday life.


Boost your vitamin levels

When your body is working faster, you are producing more and more vitamins. Many have reported that it is easier for them to watch what they eat when they are working out. This is because you are motivated by the progress you make while doing your cardio.

It is a small step, but it will surely get you to your goal. IF you work in a close environment, you probably do not get much sun exposure. For your skin to be healthy and everything to be in order with your health, you need to get a certain amount of D vitamin.

Of course, you can get this vitamin in an unnatural way by drinking chemicals. But why do that when a sport like SUP will get your D vitamin levels right where they should be? You can exercise every day, get your D vitamin, and at the same time sunbathe. Follow this link for more info


Activate every muscle

If you are planning on going to the gym, you should know that for every muscle, you will need to do a different exercise. But that is not the case with stand up paddleboarding. With this activity, you will boost your entire body and work out every muscle without even realizing it.

Yes, you have read that right! From your toes to your finger, every muscle in your body will be focused on your workout. Engaging every muscle in your body will help you get in shape faster than you expect. This is because you will need to find your center of gravity and maintain it to be balanced on the board. For you to find that center, every muscle in your body will need to work as one, and that is how you will get the best exercise of your life!



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