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Fun Things to Do in Denver, Colorado

For a city with a stunning backdrop of mountains and strategically positioned one mile above sea level, you can be sure there is a lot to enjoy outdoors. Let's see how to plan the best holiday in Denver.

Things to do in Denver

Having to travel around the country can be something you look forward to, and if you plan on stopping over in Denver for a few days, you want to know all the funs stuff to do when you get to town.

For a city with a stunning backdrop of mountains and strategically positioned one mile above sea level, you can be sure there is a lot to enjoy outdoors. But the perfect holiday or travel experience begins with adequate preparation, so how do you plan to have a fun time in Denver, Colorado? You have surely come to the right spot. You will find all you need to learn about having a wonderful time in Denver.


Planning for the Best Holiday Experience

Whether you plan on spending a few days in town or plan or embarking on a road trip across the country, one thing is sure. You will have to prepare for a lovely time. While most people set out and take whatever the road throws at them, you surely want to cover all the basics if you want the best.


Pack Right

If you are traveling light or moving with many supplies, you want to ensure you have everything you need to have an exciting time. The things to take will be based on the length of your stay and the nature of your trip. But all the same, you want to have the basics, which includes:

  • Sleeping bags
  • Boots
  • Blankets (for winter)
  • Water bottle
  • Change of clothes
  • Toothbrush
  • knife
  • Rechargeable lamps

There are many other likely things you would need to pack for your trip. And you want to take time to plan out your trip to ensure you have all the essentials. The link here has more on planning for a road trip.


Getting to Denver, Colorado

Denver downtown

If you are coming from any US states, you can fly if you are from afar or drive if you stay in the neighboring states. Getting a car on arrival is not an issue as there are pickup and car hire services for tourists.

Accommodation is also not an issue, as there are budget-friendly options for both singles and couples to choose from. Want something simple or looking for 5-star treatment? You can surely get it as soon as you arrive.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let's discuss the fun things to do when you arrive in Denver, Colorado.


Adventure Opportunities in Denver

You don't need anyone to tell you; as soon as you wake up in the city, you can almost taste there's excitement in the air. And it is left for you to decide which direction the wind is going to send you. Below are a few of the excitements to look forward to when planning an adventurous outing in Denver.

1. Denver Botanic Gardens

If you love to spend time in nature, you will surely enjoy visiting the town's botanic garden. It could be perfect for the family to relax and take a few photos as they enjoy the scenery. Lovers would also find the place to have a romantic twist to it, so if you are in town for a memorable getaway with your special one, stopping by at the botanical garden could be a perfect idea.

You can enjoy a relaxing Denver picnic with homemade meals or eat at one of the restaurants available in the area. There are undoubtedly many memories to capture, so you want to come along with your camera.

2. Mount Evans

You'd surely enjoy the burst of fresh air on top of Mount Evans. Standing at the height of 14,271 ft., there will undoubtedly be a lot of amazing views. With your binoculars, you could scope around the Great Plains and take photos of the western skyline. Something you would surely want to document for future reference.

Hiking from the bottom to the peak of the mountain is a four-hour climb. But you can rest assured there is a lot of sightseeing along the way. If you visit in spring, you surely will appreciate the lush vegetation and wildlife. Plus, the ice at the cliff's top can be visible from miles with clear weather. It is worth checking out all year round, and you want to ensure to dress according to the weather.

3. Larimer Square

If you are in the mood for an evening walk, Larimer square is the place to pass by. Take a therapeutic stroll along one of the city's historical areas as you catch a glimpse of some of the old architecture while also appreciating the new ones. You can also enjoy some fine dining at some of the best restaurants in town. There are equally some shops along the square, so you can pick up supplies and gift items while you are in the area.

4. Downtown Aquarium

Denver Downtown Aquarium

Want the perfect spot for the family to have fun while in town? Why not head to the Downtown Aquarium? With over 500 species of aquatic life swimming in more than a million gallons of water, you surely can expect the experience to be exciting. The design is exceptional, and there is a chance for the entire family to learn about sea life. You can also stop by the restaurant on site for refreshment while you move around the establishment.

5. Rocky Mountain Hot Air

If you are not scared to reach for the stars, you will get the chance to prove it onboard the Rocky Mountain hot air balloons. There is no best way to view the mountain than from 1,800 ft inside the hot air balloons. The ride is open to kids from 5 years and adults up to 100. To complete the ride, the company has a certificate of ascent and a bottle of champagne waiting on your arrival.

6. Denver Climbing Company

A day out climbing with the family will indeed create lasting memories. The Denver Climbing Company has got just the right environment to brush up on your climbing and mountaineering skills. With terrains suited for all experience levels and instructors available to assist with learning and provide safety, everyone can have a nice time outdoors.

7. Unser Karting

Need the perfect treat for just the kids? A trip to Unser Karting could help them with their driving skills. Or getting started at least. It is also possible for grownups to get training as well and perfect their driving. The track crew members are friendly and well trained. And the tavern by the tracks offer some lovely refreshments for visitors, so you can check it out as well.


Final Note

Denver, Colorado, has some exciting places for the entire family to chill and have an excellent time. Not planning a family outing buy a romantic trip? You can equally find just the right getaway when you head the Denver way.



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