Crabs, hermit crabs and other small creatures on Tongan beaches

From 8 to 17 August 2012 

Along the shores of Tonga islands there are many crustaceans, like crabs and hermit crabs, that can be found on the beach between sands and skeletons of corals.

Hermit crab footprint
Footprints in the sand left probably by some hermit crab or crab.
Hermit crab Paguroidea
Pagurus Hermit crabs
Hermit crab photos. There are many hermit crabs in Tonga, especially at dusk and during the night.
Ghost crab
Photo of a ghost crab. Can you see it?
Ghost crabs Crab
Pictures of crabs.
Big spider
These huge spiders can be more than 10 cm long (including legs) and their webs may be as large as a blanket. Although the appearance of this spider is definitely not the best, it is completely harmless.
Fossil of coral Fossilized coral
Coral skeleton
Along the beach there are countless remains of corals and other marine creatures.
A beach in Tonga islands completely covered with fossilized corals.
cowries cowry

Shells that can be found on the beach.
Soft coral
A skeleton of soft coral.
Old fossilized coral
The cliffs are often formed by raised coral reefs, whose age could date back many thousands of years ago. Often, "printed" in the rock, you can see the "footprint" of many species of corals.
A skeleton of a sponge.

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