Reefs and corals of Tonga islands

From 8 to 17 August 2012 

The state of health of corals around Tonga, in the South Pacific Ocean, seems to be pretty good and it is not uncommon to encounter in the lagoons of the atolls, vast expanses of live coral featuring multiple colors and active growing. These photos were taken during or snorkeling trips in Tonga, more precisely around Foa island in the Ha'apai archipelago.


Photo of Tongan reef. Most corals in Tonga looks to be in good health, as many of them are living and actively growing.
Inside the lagoon of Haapai, there are huge banks of corals hosting a multitude of species.
Blue coral Blue corals
Pictures of corals showing an intense blue color.
Picture of a mushroom coral (Sarcophyton trocheliophorum).
Reef Reefs
Coral reef Corals reef
Coral reefs South Pacific reef
Pictures of Tongan coral reefs. These massive coral reefs can be found in the lagoon of Foa island (Ha'apai).
Tonga reef Haapai reef

The coral banks located in the lagoon of Foa island, sometimes grow on structures that resemble a kind of a small volcano.
Tonga corals Tongan coral
Tongan reef South Pacific corals
Southern Pacific corals Southern Pacific reef
Other times the corals grow directly on the sandy bottom, spreading over large areas.
Net fire coral Millepora dichotoma
Pictures of Net fire coral, so called because of its urticant properties.
A kind of anemone growing on the surface of a rock.
Christmas Tree worm Christmas Tree worms
Photos of Christmas tree worms, found occasionally in Tonga.
Acropora formosa

Pictures of several species of corals.
School of fish
A school of blue fishes swimming on the corals.
Giant clam Clam
Some giant clam growing between the corals.
Pacific ocean reef Pacific ocean reefs

More photos of Pacific ocean corals from Tonga islands.
Snorkeling on the reef
Snorkeling on the corals Swimming on the reef
Swimming on the corals
Ha'apai corals

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