Snorkeling in Tonga - pictures of some fishes that you can find in Tonga

From 8 to 17 August 2012 

The Kingdom of Tonga, in the heart of South Pacific, offers excellent snorkeling trips thanks to the large protected lagoons populated by numerous coral reefs that are home to many species of tropical fishes. Although the variety of fish is not as extensive as in other tropical paradises, snorkeling trips to Tonga are still very rewarding for the presence of many live corals and for the beautiful "underwater landscape". The most common species are clown fishes living in their anemones, butterfly fishes, filefishes and more.

Tropical fish
The lagoon of Foa island, in Haapai, offers opportunities for good snorkeling in calm waters.
Clownfish Clown fish
While snorkeling in Tonga, we have found a very large number of clown fishes. They are usually very close to the surface, so it's not necessary to dive in order to see them.
Clown fish photo. The clown fish lives in symbiosis with the anemone, from which it derives protection from predators due to the stinging tentacles, to which it is immune.
Sea anemone Nemo
Photos of clown fishes.
Sea anemone and clownfish Sea anemone with clown fish
Nemo fish

More clown fishes photos, with fishes showing different liveries and living in different anemones.
Spanish dancer
While snorkeling in Tonga, we have found also many Spanish dancers (Hexabranchus sanguineus) a very colorful nudibranch, so named for its particularly sinuous movement.
Nudibranch Hexabranchus sanguineus
Spanish dancer eggs

Photos of Spanish dancer (Hexabranchus sanguineus). On the left picture, the eggs of a Spanish dancer, similar to a red ribbon.The Spanish dancer is one of the larger nudibranch of the world.
Butterfly fish
Snorkeling in South Pacific Snorkeling in Tonga
Tonga islands reef
Snorkeling in Haapai Snorkeling in Foa

Photos of tropical fishes. Snorkeling in Tonga offers a chance to see different tropical fishes, especially Butterfly fish, Parrot fish, Moorish idol, and other common species. Although the variety of fishes is not as extensive as in other tropical paradises, snorkeling in Tonga is still very interesting for the many living corals and for the beautiful underwater environment.
Finding Nemo
Just another clown fish.
Stylocidaris affinis Stylocidaris
Sea urchin photos. The name of this sea urchin is Heterocentrotus mammillatus and is characterized by thick red spines.
While snorkeling in Tonga, it's not uncommon to see large school of fishes.
Parrot fish
Pictures of tropical fishes.
Pictures of orange spotted filefish (Oxymonacanthus longirostris). There are many filefishes in Tonga.
Damselfish Damsel fish

Some damsel fishes around a coral reef.
Pipefish Pipe fish
Pipe fishes

Some varieties of pipefish that you can find while snorkeling in Tonga.
Starfish Star fish
The lagoon of Haapai is full of large starfishes of an intense blue color.
Lagoon triggerfish
As in other tropical paradises, even in Tonga you can find many Lagoon triggerfishes.
Canthigaster Pufferfish
Apolemichthys trimaculatus

Photos of pufferfish. Some pufferfishes with different liveries that inhabit the reef of Tonga.
Moorish idol
Photo of Moorish idol.
Snorkeling in Tonga Yellow fish
Snorkeling in Haapai
Colorful fishes that swim among the corals.
Blue fish

Photos of blue fishes from Tonga.
Clown fishes Nemo fishes

A group of clown fishes finds its home among the anemones embedded into this big pile of coral.

A Giant clam with rather unusual colors.

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