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From 8 to 17 August 2012 

In the Kingdom of Tonga there are countless islands, many of which offer a classic "postcard" tropical landscape, with soft white sandy beaches and large lagoons with crystalline blue waters. During our vacation in Tonga we stayed for 10 days at Foa island in the Ha'apai archipelago, featured by a vast beach, an immense lagoon, and having a beautiful deserted island just across a small channel.

Tonga beach
A tropical beach ​​of soft white sand, overlooking a beautiful lagoon. Tonga is an ideal destination if you love pristine nature and unspoilt tropical paradises. This beach is located just across the street from Matafonua lodge, on the northern tip of Foa island (Ha'apai islands group)
Tonga lagoon Haapai beach
Foa island beach

Around the northern tip of Foa island, part of Haapai island group in the middle of Tonga, there are about two kilometers of beach located within walking distance from Matafonua lodge. The immense lagoon is ideal for excellent snorkeling trips, to swim or just to relax.
Haapai lagoon Foa
Foa island lagoon

Photos of Foa island (Haapai). In this time of the year (August) the water's temperature in the lagoon is around 23/24 degrees centigrades. If you are sensitive to cool water, it would be better to wear a short wetsuit or a long lycra swim suit, offering protection also from the strong sun.
Nukunamo island
Deserted island picture. Past a channel, that can be crossed by canoe or by swimming, there is a deserted island owned by the King of Tonga. The island offers additional miles of beach and a fantastic lagoon, as we will see later.
Tonga Haapai
Deserted island

More Foa island pictures, showing the beach and the lagoon.
Foa South Pacific
Pacific ocean Tropical beach
The ample lagoon that surrounds the island Foa is easily navigable by canoe, especially at low tide, when currents are moderate.
Tofua volcano
During clear days you can see in the distance, about 80km away, the shape of the Tofua volcano.
Tropical sea

The colors of the lagoon are constantly changing depending on the tide and the impact of the sun's rays.
The lagoon extends in the distance up to the outer reef of the atoll, where the big waves of the Pacific Ocean crash into. Here it is not uncommon to find fishermen who collect urchins and other shellfish by hand.
Canoe trip Paddling
We spend a whole morning for a canoe excursion, exploring the lagoon and reaching the deserted island in front of Foa.
Deserted island excursion
We landed on the deserted island.
Deserted beach
We begin to walk the deserted island along the beach, with the intention of making the full turn clockwise.
Tonga islands Tonga - Oceano Pacifico
The island offers deserted and unspoilt beaches, as well as a huge lagoon where to swim and to snorkel.
Haapai islands
Deserted island picture.
Coralline beach Coralline sand
The wide sandy beach that surrounds the deserted island.
Yukka tree
Kingdom of Tonga

The vegetation consists mainly of palm trees, large yucca anchored to the ground by strong adventitious roots, capers and other low bushes.
Haapai (Tonga) Tropical paradise
South Pacific holiday Holiday to Tonga
Foa island (Tonga)

Tropical island pictures. The huge lagoon surrounding the desert island can be walked for hundreds of meters at low tide.
Lagoon in the Pacific ocean

Finally, we return to the island of Foa with our canoe, under a midday sun that makes the colors of the lagoon even stronger.

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