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From 8 to 17 August 2012 

Matafonua Lodge is located on Ha'apai, in the Kingdom of Tonga, and offers basic accommodation to travellers looking for simplicity and for an holiday in perfect contact with unspoilt nature. Here you will not find any luxury, but the bungalows are comfortable and the sea all around is definitely one of the best that I've seen all over the world.

Tonga roads
Matafonua Lodge is situated in Ha'apai (Tonga) at the northern tip of Foa island. The nearest airport, linked once or twice daily with the international airport in Tongatapu, is located near the town of Pangai. The car transfer from the airport, a drive of about 15/20 minutes, is organized directly by Matafonua Lodge.
Matafonua lodge Tonga accommodation
Tonga Lodge Matafonua Lodge photos. The Kingdom of Tonga has not yet been reached by mass tourism and the country can be considered largely underdeveloped. The supply of raw materials is slow, troublesome and expensive, and consequently most of the infrastructure available to tourists requires some spirit of adaptation. We have found the Matafonua Lodge a perfect choice for our needs and we liked a lot its simplicity, as the structure is perfectly integrated in this delicate environment. We don't like, and we normally avoid, luxury resorts that have spoilt many tropical paradises and we usually stay away from places where the nature has been destroyed in order to make space for commercial resorts.

At Matafouna Lodge you will find a soft bed and in-room electricity for 24 hours per day. Toilets and showers are shared in a separated building. All around there is an incredible and unspoilt nature, that is the reason for which we have flown all around the world to get here.
Matafonua Lodge Foa island (Tonga)
Matafonua photos. The reception and restaurant at Matafonua lodge are located on the edge of the beach and offer a beautiful view over the surrounding immense lagoon. For those wishing to keep in contact with the rest of the world, an internet WiFi connection is provided under request.
The building that contains toilets and showers, as the guest bungalows (or "fale") do not have en-suite bathrooms.

The Matafonua lodge is certainly to be rewarded for the environment protection and for the low impact that it has on the surrounding nature. Drinking and washing water is produced by collecting rainwater, that is always available here (even in the "dry" season, there is still some rain) while the hot water is produced by a solar panels. Here in the pictures, the shared bathrooms.
A beautiful gazebo with soft cushions to relax along the beach and the sea.
Matafonua Lodge fale Fale
More photos of Matafonua Lodge. The bungalows, actually called " fale ", where the guests are staying.
Outside most fale, there is a comfortable hammock for relaxation in front of turquoise waters.
Tonga hotel
Matafonua lodge pictures. The view from the verandah of our fale.
Children are welcome at Matafonua lodge, where they will find also an entertainment area dedicated to them.
Twisted palms leaves
Palm leaves

The bungalows are built with palm leaves collected and processed on site. Cyclically the leaves are replaced, so the bungalow are actually renewed quite frequently.
Tui dog
Tu'ì, the nice dog at Matafonua lodge, having the same name of an ancient Tonga dynasty.
Beach in front of Matafonua Lodge
Matafonua Lodge beach Lagoon in front of Matafonua Lodge
Matafonua lodge is surrounded by a beach of white sand, fine and soft.
South Pacific by canoe
For those wishing to explore the lagoon or perhaps take an excursion on the deserted island in front of Matafonua lodge, canoes are provided to the guests.
Snorkeling at Matafonua
Matafonua lodge snorkeling

Snorkeling in the lagoon in front of the Matafonua lodge is easy and offers large gardens of living coral, where you can meet several species of tropical fishes.
Swim with whales Whale watch
Matafonua organizes unforgettable " swim with whales " and whale watching tours directly in the waters around the lodge. The whale season normally runs from late July to October.
After an exciting day of bathing, walking, snorkeling or perhaps swim with whales, you can choose from a menu consisting mainly of toast with various fillings and pizzas, or you can order the dish of the day, usually based on excellent fish or meat.
Tonga vegetation
Yucca tree
Palm tree
The vegetation around Matafonua lodge is rich and composed not only of the "classic" palm trees, but also by a number of Yucca and other trees that produce a variety of tropical fruits.
Mimosa flower Mimosa pudica

From Matafonua lodge, you can explore the dense rainforest that covers the island. Above, the Mimosa pudica, so called because of her reaction of closing the leaves when stimulated by touching.
Fisherman in Tonga
Sometimes on the beach around Matafonua, you will see local families of fishermen who harvest shellfish or fish. The economy in Tonga is based primarily on what the sea offers and on some agriculture thanks to the fertile soil.

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