Geysers valley helicopter tour in Kamchatka

August 3, 2010 

This optional excursion made by helicopter to Valley of Geysers in Kamchatka, has been documented by Mr. Vladimir, another tourist in my same group, who has kindly authorized to publish the pictures here. The Valley of Geysers cannot be accessed by land, but only via an extremely expensive helicopter trip, rewarding with beautiful views (weather permitting).

Yelizovo Heliport
The Valley of Geysers in Kamchatka is not connected by roads, so the only way to get there is to purchase a very expensive helicopter tour (currently about Euro 625 for six hours tour, including a total of two hours helicopter flight round trip). Because of the high price and high risk to not see what I want to see (for example because of very frequent clouds around the volcanoes, or because I just cannot get a good window seat), I choose to not join this helicopter tour to Geysers valley. The pictures presented here are kindly offered by Mr. Vladimir from Italy, a travel companion during my tour to Kamchatka, who has chosen to get the helicopter. And... he was actually very lucky today with weather, visibility and window seat.
Flying over Kamchatka Forest in Kamchatka
The helicopter tour to Valley of Geysers in Kamchatka over flies dense forests just after taking off from Yelizovo heliport.
MI-8 helicopter
Hot springs
The first helicopter stop on the way to geysers valley, is along hot water springs, where is possible to have a bath (do not forget to bring your swimming suit!).
Kamchatka Active volcano
Maly Semyachek volcano

The helicopter excursion to Valley of Geysers continues over flying some active volcanoes, like the Maly Semyachek, having an acid lake inside the summit crater.
Uzdon caldera
The helicopter flies over Uzdon caldera, before landing. A tour to Uzdon caldera is normally offered in conjunction with the flight to Valley of Geysers.
Uzdon Boiling muds
Boiling mud pot

The Uzdon caldera is the result of a series of disruptive eruptions happened about forty thousands years ago, which have formed a ten kilometers wide crater, where there are small lakes, hot mud pots and poisonous waters.
Valley of Geysers helicopter tour
The last stop of the helicopter tour is the Valley of Geysers itself.
Valley of Geysers
Kamchatka Valley of Geysers

The Valley of Geysers has more than 20 big geysers erupting at intervals varying from several minutes to several hours (or even months). Unfortunately the geysers valley was damaged in year 2007 by a huge landslide that has buried forever many important and beautiful geysers, now no longer visible.
A small lake made green by micro-organisms living in its waters.
Hot muds

Hot mud pots.
Volcano Kamchatka active volcano
Kamchatka helicopter flight

After the excursion to Valley of Geysers, the helicopter flies back to Yelizovo heliport, still over flying active volcanoes, calderas with lakes inside and the endless birch forests covering most of Kamchatka peninsula.

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