Cruise to Avacha Bay

July 31, 2010 

A cruise in Avacha Bay lets to meet many different species of nesting birds, including puffins and parrots. Strange rocks with suggestive names, like "The Three Brothers" dominate a landscape made of steep cliffs falling straight into the northern Pacific ocean.

The cruise to Avacha Bay in Kamchatka, is operated with this small boat leaving in the morning from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. The cruise lasts for about six hours.
Avacha bay
The Three Brothers - Kamchatka
During the cruise in Avacha Bay, the ship navigates along the eastern side of the bay, up to the Tri Brata rocks (Three Brothers), curious rock formations symbol of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy city.
Avacha bay Avacha bay in Kamchatka
Cruise in Avacha Bay

Tri Brata rocks (Three Brothers) in Avacha bay.
Avacha Bay cruise in Kamchatka
After about two hours cruise, with a little bit rough sea and some problem with sea-sickness for several passengers, the ship is anchored near a small island, from where the tour continues by a small rubber boat.
Gull Gull with chick

The place is interesting for birders because these oddly shaped rocks host spectacular colonies of gulls and other birds, like puffins, cormorants and also parrots.
Avacha Bay Flying gulls

The rubber boat circumnavigates a small island offering views onto gull colonies, puffins and cormorants. Sometimes, along the shores, is also possible to meet seals and sea lions, but today I'm not so lucky.
Kamchatka coastline
Cave Devil's finger
The tour ends returning to the ship and cruising the opposite side of Avacha Bay, where more rugged coast lines and oddly shaped rocks can be seen.

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