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August 19-26, 2011 

Where to stay in Niue, how to move around Niue, and other information or curiosities documented with many pictures.

Coral Gardens Motel in Niue Motel in Niue

Where to stay in Niue? In Niue there are not many tourist facilities or large hotels with an high numbers of rooms. For my trip to Niue, I've chosen to stay at the Coral Gardens Niue, a series of wooden bungalows about 7 km north of the capital of Alofi.

Coral Gardens Motel Coral Gardens - Niue
Where to sleep in Niue
At the Coral Gardens Motel in Niue, each bungalow can accommodate an average family of 3. The bungalow (called " fale ") is comfortable and has lot of facilities like a small kitchenette, a wide in-room bathroom, hot water (available 24 hours on 24), electricity day & night, a freezer and more! WiFi internet is also available free of charge, although the signal is not strong enough to reach all the bungalows (but you may simply move to the reception, from where, from June to October, you can also see whales while e-mailing friends & relatives!) At night, from a soft and comfortable bed, you can only hear the song of cicadas, the wind, the rustle of the waves and the puffs of whales rising to the surface in order to breath.
Coral Gardens Motel is surrounded by lush vegetation, ending near a picturesque cliff that you can descend via a safe path.
Cat Cats
Some beautiful cats at Coral Gardens Motel in Niue.
Alofi Alofi - Niue's capital
Police station Niue is a self-governing country in association with New Zealand, from which currency is also adopted (New Zealand Dollar). The island is home to about 1500 resident people, mostly Polynesians, concentrated along the west coast of the island and in particular in the capital of Niue, Alofi, depicted in these photos. In practice, the "city" of Alofi is a group of small buildings (private houses, offices, shops, bars) placed along the ring road that runs through the entire island.Although there is a Police building, crime in Niue is virtually unknown. People is extremely friendly and very nice, Niue is a paradise also for this reason!
On more than one occasion, I saw some stray dog​​.
Roads in Niue Road in Niue
The ring road along the entire circumference of the island, has a total length of about 60 km. The color of the asphalt is very bright due to the presence of calcium carbonate derived from fossilized coral. Drive in Niue is the left side and the speed limit is 40km around the villages and 60km in "suburban" areas. There are obviously some roads that cut the island in the center, some of which are unpaved.
Rent a car in Niue
In my opinion, the best way to explore Niue is to rent a car. In fact, the various paths leading to the different attractions of Niue can be found in all parts of the island, so at considerable distances from each other. There are two companies that offer car rental in Niue and are Alofi Rentals and Niue Rentals (for this trip, I have rented the car from Niue rentals).
Town in Niue

Outside the capital Alofi, there are other small villages in different areas of Niue island.
Accesses to trails leading to the various attractions of Niue, are well marked by signs. Where the trail begins, there is always a small area where you can park your car (just avoid to park below coconut trees, as you wouldn't like to see your windshield broken!)
Coral cave
A small quarry of calcium carbonate, from where material for construction purposes is derived. This is probably just fossilized coral, millions of years old.
House in Niue
The typical houses of Niue consist of a small wooden building with corrugated iron roof, usually surrounded by a lush garden.
Papaya tree
Some trees that can be found commonly in Niue: pictured at left, a papaya tree. In the photo on the right, a coconut palm.
Chickens, after being introduced, have reproduced in an uncontrolled manner and have invaded the island. It is thought that there are several thousand chickens in Niue, roaming freely in the middle of the tropical forest, as well as on the roads and gardens.

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