Day tour in Niue to Togo Chasm and fossilized coral forest

August 19-26, 2011 

Probably one of the most beautiful hike in Niue, bringing you first in an unspoiled tropical jungle and then through a real "forest" of fossilized coral, a geological feature quite unique in Niue and perhaps in the world. This trails end in a narrow sandy canyon where coconuts trees live.

Trail to Togo Chasm in Niue
Togo is located along the rugged east coast of Niue and the entrance to the trail is well marked both on the island map and along the ring road.
Tropical rainforest Rainforest in South Pacific
Young fern growing into fossilized coral
During the first 25-30 minutes of walking, the path goes through the lush tropical forest that covers almost entirely Niue. It's interesting to note how plants, from small ferns to large trees, grow directly into fossilized coral.
Young coconut tree
A young coconut palm grows in large masses of fossilized coral.
Niue Niue island

Once across the tropical forest, a magnificent view on another type of "forest" opens: thousands of fossilized coral pinnacles, a unique geological feature on the island of Niue and very rare in the rest of the world.
Fossils like these are literally millions on the island of Niue, and in particular in this area.
Niue island Pinnacles of fossilized coral
Fossilized coral forest

The area where these jagged pinnacles of corals is can be found is so huge, that this geological phenomena can be considered quite rare (in not unique) all over the world. A path in a good state, allows the crossing of this chaotic maze, allowing you to safely reach the next landmark.

The path between the bizarre formations of fossilized coral, ends of this narrow canyon ...
Togo Chasm

... where a steep staircase, in an "Indiana Jones" style, provides access to a place that seems to be still a "secret" ...

... a small beach of white sand, enclosed in a narrow gorge between the rocks, which houses a group of coconut palms ...
Togo Chasm - Niue
Togo Coconut trees
Coconuts tree Coconuts trees
Coconut tree
Coconut palms are found in this narrow canyon, sheltered from the winds and the fury of the Pacific Ocean, an ideal habitat in which to grow and reproduce.

The canyon ends in a small brackish water lagoon where abundant moss and ferns grow, and where coconuts may give rise to other palms.
Coralline rock Fossils
Details showing the surface and the profile of the rocks, like giant "living" fossils that make up the island itself.
After the excursion to Togo Chasm, I'll go back again through the forest of fossilized coral, stopping to observe the curious shapes of these rocks.
Niue - Rock of Polynesia Niue atoll
Pictures of coral pinnacles in Niue.
South Pacific
Niue pictures along the east coast.

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