Flower tour to Namaqua National Park in Namaqualand (South Africa)

4 September 2012 

The desert in bloom gets just spectacular in Namaqua National Park, where billions of orange daisies classified as Osteospermum or Dimorphoteca are mixed with other flowers of different colors, to create an amazing scenery. It's unbelievable that just a few weeks later, with the arrival of the dry summer, everything will turn to brown and dusty.

Dimorphoteca sinuata

The trip to Namaqualand continues bound for Namaqua National Park, one of the most spectacular place where to see flowers in South Africa. In the meanwhile, countryside crossed by the road, shows a flower parade of Dimorphoteca sinuata growing under young acacias.
The flowers are everywhere there is a bit of soil to grow.

The quantity of flowers increases progressively as I get closer to Namaqua National Park. The flower tour to Namaqualand is getting to its best.
Carpet of flowers
Orange flowers Orange flower
Kamieskroon Kamieskroon - Namaqualand
South Africa Blooming desert
Namaqua National Park is located near the town of Kamieskroon in the heart of Namaqualand, and is classified as a protected area because it houses various species of animals and plants which can not be found in other parts of the world. A tour to Namaqua National Park at the end of the austral winter, allows us to appreciate a real flower show (not just "patches" of flowers) produced mainly from herbaceous annuals and perennials plants belonging to genus Osteospermum / Dimorphoteca. Here the flowers are not in a landscape, but they actually make THE landscape!
Namaqua National Park
Picture of Namaqua National Park during the flowering season.
Desert in bloom Blooming desert
Osteospermum Namaqua
Osteospermum hyoseroides

Photos of flowers. The landscape is dominated by vast meadows of orange daisies (Osteospermum hyoseroides, classified by some authors as Dimorphoteca)
Flowers looking the sun
Flowers moved by the wind

Photos of flowers shaked by the wind. In order to ensure a better quality of the pollen, without dew or moisture, the flowers open only in the middle of the day and rotate toward the sun. The strong wind shakes them, sometimes violently, but this promotes the spread of pollen as long as the flowers are dry.
Flowers in South Africa
A field of orange daisies is backdrop for an Herrea elongata, with its yellow flowers
Namaqualand flowers Namaqualand
Namaqualand flowering season flowers
Other pictures of desert in bloom.
Violet flower Herrea elongata
Among the large expanses of flowering Dimorphoteca (or Osteospermum), there are also other flowers of different colors, such as the yellow one on the right picture produced by Herrea elongata, a succulent plant belonging to the family of Mesembryanthemaceae (or Aizoaceae).
Namaqualand daisies Daisies

Namaqualand photos. The color effect is becomes particularly pleasant when several species with flowers grow closely together in the same field.
Gazania (flower)
Gazania and Mesembryanthemum

Flowers of Gazania, Felicia australis and Gorteria diffusa sharing the same small piece of land.
South African Pelargonium

A rare Pelargonium (geranium) endemic of Namaqualand

Yellow flowers from Mesembryathemaceae family, oriented towards the sun. The name "mesembryanthemum" derives from Greek and means "flower of noon", indicating the feature of this flower to be open only during the central hours of the day.

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