Tour to Namaqualand near Niewoudtville, known as the "Bulb Capital of the World"

3 September 2012 

Niewoudtville, in the heart of Namaqualand (South Africa) is known as the "Bulb Capital of the World" thanks to the massive presence of bulbous plants, some of which are endemic and not found in other parts of the world. Just before the spring, during the short wet season, they renew the phenomen of the desert in bloom. Extensive meadows, and often entire hill sides, are entirely covered by flowers that includes various species of different colors.

After having crossed much of South Africa, today is the first big day dedicated to the spring flower show in Namaqualand. Outside the city of Niewoudtville, in the middle of the countryside, billions of plants are in full bloom.
Gazania Gazania flower
Gazania pictures. The flowers of Gazania are large and brightly coloured, so it's easy to spot them between other flowers.
Namaqualand Namaqualand flowers
Flowers in Namaqualand. A botanical tour to Namaqualand at the end of the austral winter, lets to appreciate one of the world's best flower show.
Dimorphoteca Flowers in Namaqualand
A vast meadow of daisies belonging to genus Dimorphoteca or Osteospermum.
Meadow of flowers Flowers in the desert
Meadow of Dimorphoteca Desert in bloom
Field of flowers

Pictures of Namaqualand daisies making a great flower show. It is hard to believe that just a few weeks later, all will be brown, hot and dusty.
Namaqualand flower tour Namaqualand flowering season
Namaqualand (South Africa) Seasonal flowers

More pictures of Namaqualand daisy (Dimorphoteca or Osteospermum)and other flowers.
Bulbinella latifolia Bulbinella flower
Bulbinella flowers Bulbinella
The Bulbinella latifolia is a bulbous perennial herb endemic of Namaqualand, which produces beautiful flowers of a bright yellow. Due to the presence of many Bulbinella latifolia, together with other bulbous plants, this area of ​​Namaqualand is also known as the "Bulb Capital of the World".
Although this region of South Africa is not suitable for a safari, you can always spot some wildlife.
More Namaqualand pictures.
Gazenia Yellow flowers
Heliophila coronopifolia
In these pictures, some Dimorphoteca live together with Gazenia and Heliophila coronopifolia (the blue flowers)
Picture of an Oxalis flower.
Yellow flower Red flower
White flower Oxalis
Pink flower

More Namaqualand flowers: Dimorphoteca of different colors, Gazania and Oxalis.
Gorteria diffusa
Picture of Gorteria diffusa.
Colorful flowers Blue flowers

A rich natural composition of many flowers living together.
In this photo you can see many species of flowers that live all together on a small piece of land, in particular: Felicia australis (blue flower), two species of Dimorphoteca (orange flower and yellow flower with small petals), Gorteria (small red flowers), Grileum grandiflora (yellow flower with large petals).

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