Excursions from Sepilok and Sandakan in Borneo (Sabah - Malaysia)

August 18 and 22, 2008 

Sepilok is a nice place along the border of Borneo rainforest and can be reached by car from Sandakan airport in about 30 minutes. There are several eco-lodges in Sepilok, offering accommodation, guided tours in the Borneo rainforest and to nearby Orang Utan research rehabilitation centre, the Gomangtong caves and an ancient cemetery at Batu Tulug.

Sepilok lodge Sepilok lodge
Ravenala madagascariensis

Once in Sepilok, after a short car ride from Sandakan airport, we reach this eco lodge in the middle of Borneo rainforest.

Ravenala madagascariensis Sepilok accommodation
Sepilok accommodation

This lodge in Borneo has a nice garden all around and confortable accommodation.

Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre
In Sepilok there is the world's most important Orang Utan Rehabilitation center, where Orang Utan are rescued and helped to return in the forest.
Borneo rainforest, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo rainforest, Sabah, Malaysia
The trail crossing part of the Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre, with the huge trees all around.
Orangutan research Centre Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre
Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre
Orangutan, Borneo, Malaysia Orangutan, Borneo, Malaysia
Orang utan, Borneo, Malaysia Orang utan, Borneo, Malaysia
Orang utan, Borneo, Malaysia

Of the entire Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre, it is possible to visit only the feeding area (not the hospital and the school), where the Orangutan are feeded twice daily (mid morning and mid afternoon).
Butterfly in Borneo
Butterfly in Borneo

Colorful insects in the Borneo rainforest, Malaysia.
Lizard in Borneo
A big green lizard, capable to change its colour.
Gomantong Caves
Gomantong Caves

From Sepilok is possible to take a full day excursion to Gomantong caves where thousands of bats and birds have their home. The nests produced by the birds (swiftlets) are collected and used by Chinese traditional medicine for different purposes.

The swiftlets' nests are located very high in the cave, sometimes more than 40 meters. These ladders, made of bamboo and ropes are used to reach the cave's roof and are continuously subject to maintenance.
Gomantong Caves
Swiftlet edible nests
From the bolied bird's nests, a kind of "soup" is obtained. It is used by Chinese traditional medicine for various purposes. The price for the nests may reach one thousand Euro per kilogram.
Cockroaches Cockroach

The caves are also the home for thousands of Cockroaches and other small creatures living over tons of bat's escrements and guano from birds.
Batu Tulug cemetery in Malaysia

From Sepilok there is another interesting excursion going to Batu Tulug cemetery dated 500 years old, when the deads where uplifted on a mountain and stored inside caves, rather than buried underground. On the right, the stair going onto mountain's top.
Batu Tulug cemetery in Malaysia Hanging coffin, Borneo, Sabah, Malaysia
Hanging coffin, Borneo, Sabah, Malaysia

The coffins on the top of the mountain.

Borneo, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo, Sabah, Malaysia
Views onto Borneo rainforest from the cemetery in Batu Tulug.
Accommodation in Borneo
Borneo lodge Borneo lodge
Borneo lodge
The second and last eco lodge where we stayed in Sepilok.

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