Qaanaaq tour (Thule)

18-25 April 2007 

Qaanaaq, known also as Thule, at more than 77 degrees north, represents one of the Greenland last frontier and the ideal base for polar expeditions of various lenghts and purposes. From Europe, Qaanaaq can be reached only after a very long flight, with overnight stops in Copenhagen and Ilulissat.

Qaanaaq Qaanaaq
Pictures of Qaanaaq, northen Greenland. Qaanaaq, known also as Thule, is a small town of many colorful houses. The sea in front of the city is frozen as far as the eye can see, with many icebergs trapped inside.
Qaanaaq, Greenland
Frozen sea Thule
Thule pictures. These icebergs will be free to go again only when the next summer will arrive.
Pack ice
On the beach, looking towards the sea.
Thule, Grrenland Qaanaaq (Thule) - Greenland
Qaanaaq (Thule) - Greenland Qaanaaq (Thule) - Greenland
Qaanaaq (Greenland) Qaanaaq
Qaanaaq (Thule) - Greenland Qaanaaq (Thule) - Greenland
More Qaanaaq pictures. Pictures of Thule.
Baloon expedition over Greenland Baloon expedition over Greenland
An expedition from Spain, having the purpose to explore the area by a baloon.
Inuit hunters
Inuit hunters leaving Qaanaaq with their dog teams.
Qaanaaq hotel
Qaanaaq hotel

The Qaanaaq hotel where I've slept the night before and after the dogsledge expedition.
Eskimo drum
narwhal tooth narwhal tooth
Inside the Qaanaaq hotel: top left picture, an Eskimo drum; top right, cutting tools; bottom pictures, a narwhal tooth.

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