Boat trip to Rodebay traditional village in Greenland

July 3rd 2011 

Rodebay is a picturesque village about 20 km north of Ilulissat, where there are less than 100 people living on hunting and fishing. The tour includes lunch at a local restaurant where various Greenlandic specialties can be tasted.

Fog in Greenland
Cruise in the fog

During the night (if we can really speak about a true "night" at these latitudes during early summer) everything is enveloped in a dense fog that will accompany us throughout the morning, while sailing to Rodebay. The visibility is very poor, but this is not a problem for our wooden boat, as she is equipped with a radar and all the security systems.
Icebergs in the fog
Rodebay port
Around noon we reach Rodebay in northern Greenland, with the fog that still envelops some large iceberg.
Greenland general store
We get off from the ship in the small port of Rodebay, where there is a nearby general store.
Greenland specialties
The first stop is made ​​at the Rodebay H8 restaurant, where we can taste typical greenlandic food, largely represented by sea food, prepared in different ways.
Greenlandic specialties
Rodebay - Greenland
Photos of Rodebay in Greenland. Rodebay is a small village that lies in a sheltered bay about 15 km north of Ilulissat, Greenland. The village consists of a series of picturesque colored houses, home to fewer than 100 people dedicated to fishing and hunting.
Beautiful orange lichens growing on bare rock.
Greenlandic dog
Greenlandic dogs Greenland
Greenlandic husky

The sled dogs are a valuable aid to move during the winter through the snow and the pack ice pack (although, since the beginning of this century, the sea rarely freezes). Probably Rodebay has more sled dogs than people.
Dog sledge
Some small sleds parked for the summer season.
Greenlandic dog puppies Puppies
Dog puppies

Picture of greenlandic dog puppy.
Drying some fish
The fish is put to dry in the sun, in order to be eat during the following winter.
Sea ice
Where the Arctic ocean meets the mainland, some icebergs tend to run aground when the low tide follows the high tide. The landscape changes completely in a few hours, due to the icebergs that move because of the tides, the wind and the currents.
A photo of the 3 intrepid explorers.
Rodebay in Greenland
Cruising between the icebergs
Iceberg in Greenland

After visiting the small, picturesque village of Rodebay, the tour ends returning to Ilulissat, navigating among huge icebergs having the most bizarre shapes.

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