Tour to Ataa summer camp in northern Greenland

July 1st-3rd 2011 

The Ataa camp is located in northern Greenland at about five hours sailing from Ilulissat, in a beautiful bay that is the ideal base for excursions to the nearby Eqi Sermia glacier, to do beautiful hikes on the tundra or to paddle in a kayak among the huge icebergs.

Icebergs cruising Iceberg
After the excursion to Ilimanaq, the navigation from Ilulissat to Ataa continues aboard a small wooden boat built specifically to safely navigate among the many huge icebergs of this part of Greenland.
During the navigation, dozens of enormous, oddly shaped icebergs make their show.
Ataa camp Ataa
Kayaks Photo of Ataa. After a few hours of sailing we reach the Ataa summer camp where we will spend the next two nights in a basic, but very comfortable cabin. Ataa is an ancient village that was abandoned in the early 60 and now you can spend here an holiday in complete contact with the wilderness of the Arctic. From Ataa it's possible to make kayak excursions among the icebergs of the fiord, or sail by boat to the nearby Eqi glacier, go fishing or do easy hikes on the surrounding tundra.
Greenland Greenland landscape
Trip to Greenland Trekking in Greenland
Just a few minutes walk from Ataa cabins, you are immediately surrounded by silence and pure wilderness.
Ancient cemetery
The ancient cemetery of Ataa.
Northern Greenland Lake in Greenland
Ataa in Greenland

A short trek from Ataa takes us on an hill top, from where we can admire a beautiful landscape all around.
Greenland 360 deg. view
The beautiful view from the top of a hill, just a few minutes hike from Ataa.
Red boat
The wooden boat typically used to connect Ilulissat to Ataa.
Tundra Tundra in Greenland
Arctic tundra Tundra vegetation
Arctic vegetation Greenlandic vegetation
The arctic tundra is particularly rich in flowers as well as many species typical of northern latitudes.
Orange lichens Lichens

There are of course different species of lichens in various colours.
Flowers in Greenland Vegetation in Greenland
Arctic flowers pictures.
Greenlandic flowers Flowers in Greenland
Arctic flowers
Flowers of the tundra
Greenlandic flora
Greenland flora

Arctic flowers and tundra pictures.
The beautiful lake near the camp Ataa, still partially frozen along the coast.

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