Boat trip excursion from Ilulissat to Ilimanaq, Greenland

July 1st 2011 

We depart from Ilulissat with a wooden boat bound for Ilimanaq, a small traditional village inhabited by Greenlandic hunters and fishermen. After a tour of Ilimanaq, the trip continues to Ataa camp, our base for the excursions of the followings days.

Icebergs in the arctic Icebergs
Ilimanaq is about 2 hours boat ride from Ilulissat, Greenland in the north-west. The route passes in front of the Kangia's estuary, a long wide fjord where there are many huge icebergs.
Port in Greenland
Disembarking at Ilimanaq at low tide is not an easy task, as that the boat can be located several meters below the platform.

Ilimanaq is a pretty village in Greenland where about 80 people live. This settlement was founded around the year 1741 and its economy is based mainly on fishing and hunting.
Drying fish Fishermen village
Ilimanaq - Greenland Ilimanaq

Photos of Ilimanaq. The icebergs are the backdrop to the charming colored houses. The above left photo shows some fish that was put out to dry.
The oldest building in Ilimanaq.
Greenland church Ilimanaq church
The small church built in year 1904 in Ilimanaq.
Electric generator
Water reservoir

In these three photos you can see respectively: the power station that distributes current to the whole village (above left picture), a small playground for children (top picture) and the tank used as water reservoir (left picture).
Arctic sea
After lunch together with a family living in Ilimanaq, the tour continues north to the Ataa camp (about 6 hours of sailing), crossing again the icebergs paradise near Kangia.

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