Ilulissat tour and hiking along the ice fjord (Kangia)

June 30th 2011 

A short walk among the colorful houses of Ilulissat takes us first to the "kennel" area where many greenlandic dogs are "parked" for the summer season, before entering the Sermermiut valley that leads up to Kangia fjord, the heritage UNESCO site featuring huge icebergs released by the most active glacier of the Northern Hemisphere.

Davis strait
This day is dedicated to a tour of Ilulissat and the magnificent landscape that surrounds this charming town in the heart of the Arctic. We hike over the hills behind Ilulissat, where there is a beautiful view out to the sea and Disko island.
Kennel in Ilulissat Dog sledge
Greenlandic dog

We cross an area of Ilulissat used as a sort of kennel, where hundreds of sled dogs are parked for the summer. Most of the sled dogs who live in Ilulissat are confined to this less populated area of the village, to keep the odors away from the residential neighborhoods.

A sled dog playing like a cat over a fence.
Greenland - Ilulissat
We walk along a narrow trail that leads into the valley of Sermermiut (Sermermiut valley), near Ilulissat. Here we can enjoy incredible views on the icebergs floating inside Kangia fjord.
Kangia icebergs
A wooden bridge crosses the tundra and it seems to end in the nothing.
Tsunami alert Icebergs beach
A sign warns about the dangers of going near the beach, as the icebergs, constantly moving, could generate large tsunami waves after breakage or rolling.
Trekking in Greenland
We climb a small hill, from where an incredible view of the icebergs opens.
Kangia (Icefiord)
The icebergs floating in the Kangia are calved by one of the largest and most active glacier in the northern hemisphere, which is approximately 40km away.
ice in Greenland Kangia

Photo of Kangia. We stop to admire and to photograph this beautiful fjord recently added to the UNESCO World Heritage list.
We return to Ilulissat, where we see an unusual "danger of sled dogs" sign.
Ilulissat - Greenland Church in Greenland
Ilulissat is a friendly town where about 4500 people live. Ilulissat is, at time of writing, the third town for population in Greenland (the most populous city is the capital Nuuk with about 25000 inhabitants, and the second is Sisimiut with about 5500 inhabitants).
Arctic water pipe
Arctic water pipes. In order to prevent freezing, the pipe where drinkable water actually flows, is surrounded by smaller pipes carrying hot water. The whole system is sealed by a thick layer of insulating material.
Ililissat - Greenland Greenland
Ilulissat pictures.
Greenlandic dogs
Dog sled picture.
Hvide Falk Hotel
Hvide Falk

Hvide Falk hotel pictures.In Ilulissat we stay at the Hvide Falk hotel, placed very close to the city center and having almost every amenities.

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