Midnight sun Iceberg cruise in Ilulissat, Greenland, under the midnight sun <<-- GO
We take advantage of a magnificent sunny night for a cruise among the icebergs just outside Ilulissat, where we can admire the phenomenon of the midnight sun at its peak, given the proximity to the summer solstice.
Ilulissat Ilulissat tour and hiking along the ice fjord (Kangia) <<-- GO
A short walk among the colorful houses of Ilulissat takes us first to the "kennel" area where many greenlandic dogs are "parked" for the summer season, before entering the Sermermiut valley that leads up to Kangia fjord, the heritage UNESCO site featuring huge icebergs released by the most active glacier of the Northern Hemisphere.
Ilimanaq Greenland Boat trip excursion from Ilulissat to Ilimanaq, Greenland <<-- GO
We depart from Ilulissat with a wooden boat bound for Ilimanaq, a small traditional village inhabited by Greenlandic hunters and fishermen. After a tour of Ilimanaq, the trip continues to Ataa camp, our base for the excursions of the followings days.
Ataa camp Greenland Tour to Ataa summer camp in northern Greenland <<-- GO
The Ataa camp is located in northern Greenland at about five hours sailing from Ilulissat, in a beautiful bay that is the ideal base for excursions to the nearby Eqi Sermia glacier, to do beautiful hikes on the tundra or to paddle in a kayak among the huge icebergs.
Ice front Day trip to Eqi Sermia Glacier in Greenland <<-- GO
Boat tour to the Eqi Sermia glacier to admire the beautiful wall of ice, which is several kilometers wide and up to 60 meters high. Unfortunately this glacier is feeling the negative and well known effects of the global warming and the comparison with some photos taken just 10 years earlier, shows the phenomenon of glacier retreat in all its drama.
Greenlanding dog puppies Boat trip to Rodebay traditional village in Greenland <<-- GO
Rodebay is a picturesque village about 20 km north of Ilulissat, where there are less than 100 people living on hunting and fishing. The tour includes lunch at a local restaurant where various Greenlandic specialties can be tasted.
Flying over greenland Greenland aerial pictures from Copenhagen to Ilulissat via Kangerlussuaq flight <<-- GO
A flight over Greenland during a beautiful sunny day offers spectacular views of both the ice cap and the deep fjords that run through the west coast. This page collects some Greenland aerial photos taken directly from Air Greenland flights.



Air Greenland Norsaq (A330-200) Fly to Ilulissat via Kangerlussuaq <<-- GO
My today's final destination is Ilulissat, with a short stop in Kangerlussuaq. Flying over Greenland with nice weather offers breathtaking views.
Ilulissat in winter Sightseeing in Ilulissat, Greenland, and short hiking tours <<-- GO
Ilulissat is a nice and charming greenlandic town, about 350km north of the arctic circle. For passengers continuing to Qaanaaq, is required to stop here for at least one night, as the flight leaves early in the morning.
Dog team Dogsledge tour to Greenland's ice cap from Ilulissat <<-- GO
About 50km from Ilulissat there is a dead glacier that can be climbed by dogsledge, offering the possibility to have a walk over the ancient inland ice. The trip is three days (two nights) long, with overnights in an heated hut.



Greenland from air Flying over Greenland - pictures of Greenland from air <<-- GO
A flight over Greenland in beautiful weather offers one of the most unusual and spectacular landscape of the world, made of glaciers, immense ice fields, deep fjords and small charming villages.
Ilulissat in summer Excursions from Ilulissat and Ilulissat pictures <<-- GO
Ilulissat is the ideal base for short and longer tours to north Greenland, including treks, cruises, sightseeing and, in winter, dogsledge excursions. The town itself is beautiful and charming, offering scenic trails all around.
Eqi Sermia Ice Camp Eqi - camping in front of Eqi Sermia glacier <<-- GO
Eqi Ice Camp is located about 60km north of Ilulissat and offers the opportunity to overnight into cabins located in front of Eqi Sermia glacier. From Eqi Ice Camp there are several trails offering also the possibility to climb over Greenland ice cap.
Greenland ice cap trek Ice cap adventure - trekking over Greenland ice cap <<-- GO
Trek from Eqi Ice Camp to Greenland ice cap. Overnight halfway in a prepared tented camp. The icecap offers incredible landscape made of ice and melted water. This expedition in Greenland offer the possibility to climb over Greenland ice cap with a relatively short trek.
Greenland tundra Hiking and trekking over the Tundra near Ilulissat <<-- GO
Two days trek to a small refuge north of Ilulissat, hiking over soft tundra. The place is far away from civilization and you may not see anybody else during the entire trek.