Iceberg cruise in Ilulissat, Greenland, under the midnight sun

June 29th 2011 

We take advantage of a magnificent sunny night for a cruise among the icebergs just outside Ilulissat, where we can admire the phenomenon of the midnight sun at its peak, given the proximity to the summer solstice.

Ilulissat Ilulissat - Greenland
House in Greenland

Shortly after 10:00pm we board a small wooden boat, leaving behind Ilulissat under a bright sun that, still high in the sky, lights the night.
Iceberg cruise
The boat heads toward the entrance of Kangia (or Icefjord), a long and extensive fjord where the glacier Sermeq Kujalleq calves dozens of huge icebergs daily.
Iceberg in Greenland Iceberg in Ilulissat
Icebergs in Greenland Icebergs in Ilulissat
The Sermeq Kujalleq is the largest and most active glacier in the northern hemisphere. These huge icebergs are the result of its activity, perhaps stimulated by the warming oceans eroding tidewater glaciers from the base. 10% of Greenland's icebergs are calved by this enormous glacier, having a front more than 5 km wide.
Icebergs cruise
The cruise among the icebergs continues under a bright night sun.
Icefiord in Greenland Iceberg tour
ice Iceberg excursion
Huge icebergs shaped by wind, rain, sun and melting ice.
Greenlandic fisherman
In the meanwhile, a fisherman take advantage of the magnificent sunny night to do some work.
Icebergs tour Icebergs excursion
Iceberg Icebergs
We continue cruising among the ice, in an incredible maze of icebergs unparalled in any other part of the northern hemisphere. The sun, still very strong even at 23:00, the clean air and blue sky, make the experience even more unforgettable.
A crack in this iceberg reveals the incredible turquoise color of the ice.
Pack ice Frozen sea
Our small boat stops in this haven of drifting icebergs and pack ice, waiting here for the midnight sun.
Arctic midnight sun Greenland midnight sun
Midnight sun

These 3 photos were taken respectively at 22:40, 23:20 and 00:01. Because of the 70 degrees of north latitude, on a day very close to the summer solstice, the phenomenon of the midnight sun appears to be at its maximum (the midnight sun is visible in Ilulissat for some consecutive weeks before and after June 21st).
Cruise in Greenland Greenland cruise
Arctic ice

Iceberg pictures. We enjoy the warm glow of the midnight sun, illuminating softly the icebergs.
Ilulissat midnight sun Ilulissat cruise
Ilulissat in Greenland

Ilulissat photos. Shortly before 1: 00am we return to Ilulissat under a warm light.

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