Flight from Copenhagen to Greenland (Ilulissat via Kangerlussuaq)

13 April 2007 

My today's final destination is Ilulissat, with a short stop in Kangerlussuaq. Flight from Copenhagen by Air Greenland to Kangerlussuaq, connecting with another Air Greenland flight to Ilulissat.

Air Greenland A330 Air Greenland A330
The Air Greenland A330 flying from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq.
Greenland icecap
The icecap in Greenland, seen descending to Kangerlussuaq.
Just before landing in Kangerlussuaq
Just before landing in Kangerlussuaq.
Kangerlussuaq airport
The small air terminal in Kangerlussuaq airport at -17 degrees centigrades.
Kangerlussuaq airport
Air Greenland A330
The Air Greenland A330 ready to fly back to Copenhagen.
Kangerlussuaq Kangerlussuaq
Kangerlussuaq Kangerlussuaq
Waiting the connecting flight to Ilulissat, I get a short hike of Kangerlussuaq. This small town exists mainly because of the airport (the main entry point in Greenland) and for a recently growing tourism.
Air Greenland Dash-7 aircraft Air Greenland Dash-7 aircraft
Air Greenland Dash-7 aircraft

My connecting flight to Ilulissat is ready to leave. It is operated by 50 seats Air Greenland Dash-7 aircraft.
Kangerlussuaq runway
Kangerlussuaq runway seen after takeoff.
Ice and snow in Greenland Ice and snow in Greenland
Ice and snow in Greenland Ice and snow in Greenland
Flying north it is advised to get a window seat on the right side of the airplane, to have the best view over the icecap and the glaciers flowing into lakes and fjords.
Ice and snow in Greenland
Far away, the Greenland's icecap (inland ice) is visible. It looks like an immense white cloud, but it is indeed ice up to 3 kilometers thick.
Approaching Ilulissat, the airplane flies over Kangia (Icefjord), today free of icebergs and sea ice. However, the situation can change quickly, changing the landscape in just hours, depending on winds and currents.
Ilulissat from air
Flying over Ilulissat before landing. Today's temperature is -12 centigrades.

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