Photos of Torshavn, theFaroe Islands capital

July 31st, 2009 

Torshavn is the main base from where the excursions to the other islands have departed. I use the free time here to hike in the city, which is considered to be the world's smallest capital.

Torshavn west dock Torshavn - Faroe islands capital

The east and west docks, where smaller boats and larger ferries leave.
The agricolture is an important source of incoming for the country. There are about 70.000 sheeps on the islands, producing an excellent wool.
Cargo ship

Big cargo ships.
Hotel Torshavn Torshavn
Torshavn, Faroe islands Torshavn - Faroe islands
Torshavn Torshavn
Torshavn Torshavn
Hiking in Torshavn during a beautiful sunny day.
Torshavn - government buildings Torshavn - government buildings
Buildings in the "old" Torshavn, used as government's offices.

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