Day tour to Suduroy by helicopter and ferry

August 8th-9th, 2009 

Suduroy is Faroer 's southernomst island and it offers treks to beautiful lookout places and charming small towns. The scenery is dominated by huge cliffs falling straight into the ocean and they can be discovered with a not too long hike from the main towns.

Tvoroyri - Faroe islands Tvoroyri - Faroe islands
Tvoroyri - Faroe islands
With an Atlantic Airways' Bell 412 helicopter, I fly from Torshavn to Frodba, on Suduroy Island, from where I reach the town of Tvoroyri. From here, trails out into the wild and organized tours to the southern part of the island, are available.
Church in the Faroe islands
This church was actually built on 1908 in Norway and then trasported here into smaller pieces.
Faroe islands

Today the sky is broken, making the grass appear very green where the sun rays pass thru the clouds.
Grass roof, Faroe Islands
Sheep - Faroe islands

The towns on Suduroy are small, it takes only a few minutes of walk to go from the downtown to the countryside, where the sheeps roam on the grass fields.
Cargo ships
Hvannhagi - Faroe Islands
Faroe Islands
Together with a tour guide and another toursit, I hike the trail to Hvannhagi, offering beautiful landscape views and bird sights. The entire trip takes about 4 hours, the total distance is not too big, but the trail goes up&down frequently. But the views worths it.

The trail passes a small lake on a hill, then goes close to the beach.
Rocks originated by lava Rocks originated by lava
Rocks originated by lava

Strangely shaped rocks, of volcanic origin.

The end of the trail, offering beautiful views onto dramatic cliffs.

We then re-trace our steps back, hiking an alternative trail, offering additional views.
Vagoy - Faroe Islands
With a tour guide and a car, I visit the southernmost part of Suduroy, crossing charming small towns.
Sumba - Faroe Islands
Sumba is the southernmost town in Suduroy and thence in the Faroe Islands.
Lighthouse Lighthouse
From the southernmost tip there is a lighthouse, from where there are beautiful views onto the coastline.
In case the lighthouse wasn't visibile, this device was used to produce audio signals.
Suduroy - Faroe Islands

A short hike to a secluted place along the coast, where there are also many puffins nesting.

The dramatic coastline of Suduroy island.
Suduroy - Faroe Islands
A good reason to come here, is that the person on the edge of that cliff, may be you!

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