Excursions to Streymoy and Eysturoy in the Faroe islands

1st August, 2009 

Guided day tour to the northen part of Eysturoy, including a stop in the beautiful Saksun on the island of Streymoy. This is a full day trip by car, starting from Torshavn.

Faroe Islands
The day tour starts from Torshavn, driving between small communities out of the Faroe Islands' capital.
Grass fields, Faroe Islands

Driving to Saksun, through the Faroe Islands' most wide valley.
Streymoy (Faroer)

This bay near Saksun was recentely filled by sand and debris, carried by a violent storm with a kind a tzunami waves. Since then, the bay is inaccesible to ships.
Saksun Faroe Islands) Saksun (Faroer)
Some of the buildings in Saksun, with the roof covered by grass. Grass field are very green on the Faroe Islands and cover most of the land surface. There are no forests on the Faroe Islands.
Waterfall, Faroe Islands Church - Faroe Islands
Streymoy, as well as the other islands, are dominated by dozens of waterfalls, feeded by the frequent rain.
The Faroer highway
Going to Eysturoy, the road climbs over the mountains. Eysturoy island is connected to Streymoy by a bridge.
Gjogv Ancient lava flow, Faroe Islands

At Gjogv, on Eysturoy island, there is one of the most recent lava field of the Faroe Islands. In fact, the Faroer are of volcanic origin, although there is no active volcano or geothermal activity since very long time now.
Gjogv, Faroe Islands

A short hike between the charming homes at Gjogv.
Typical country road - Faroe Islands
The tour continues driving on a mountain road from where there is a view on the town of Funningur.
Eidi, Faroer Eidi, Faroe Islands
The last stop is in Eidi and to a viewpoint where strangely shaped rocks are visibile. The tour then goes back to Torshavn.

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