Day trip to Nolsoy island from Torshavn in the Faroer

August 2nd, 2009 

Day excursion to Nolsoy with overnight at the Kaffistovan on the same island. The town of Nolsoy has an interesting history and trails are available for hikes around the island.

Ritan ferry to Nolsoy Ritan ferry to Nolsoy
Nolsoy dock - Faroe islands
How to get on Nolsoy? A small ferry is operated by Ritan several times per day from Torshavn, the trip lenght is about 20 minutes. At the moment no car service is offered, but in future there will be also this possibility. In the pictures, the ferry docked at Nolsoy and a panorama on Nolsoy dock.
Nolsoy church
The church and the old cemetery, now no longer used.
Nolsoy Nolsoy
Nolsoy - Faroe islands
Nolsoy has about 270 people, increasing. Many of them work in Torshavn and take the ferry every day to reach the job place. The town is chosen as home by many, because it is a small charming place, others have there just the second home to spend the weekend or for holidays.
Viking ruins
Archaelogical findings estimated to be about 1000 years old and belonging to the Vikings. They are basements for homes.
Kaffistovan B&B on Nolsoy Kaffistovan B&B on Nolsoy
The Kaffistovan B&B where it's possible to overnight in Nolsoy.
Nolsoy island
Nolsoy panorama, with the mountain on the back surrounded by thick fog.
Views onto Nolsoy dock.
Soccer field
A soccer field in Nolsoy.
Ancient wooden buildings Ancient wooden buildings
Drifting wood

Ancient wooden buildings. As there are no forests on the Faroer, buildings were made by drifting wood coming from the ocean.
Fish drying facilities
Ancient buildings, one time used to dry the fish.
Ocean erosion Coastline erosion
Coastline erosion in north Atlantic Erosion by the sea
Nolsoy island is affected by erosion and in the narrowest place, the island is about to be cut in two parts. Violent waves coming from open sea, crash onto island's weak volcanic rocks, which are then broken into small pieces and carried away. This phenomen is acting with impressive speed and is threating several homes. Projects to build protective barriers are currently under study.
Arctic tern
Some Arctic tern (Sterna paradisaea).
Faroe islands

The weather gets better, so I climb this hill along a marked trail, to get beautiful views from top.
From here, the part of Nolsoy island that is about to be cut-off by ocean erosion, is well visible.
Nolsoy - Faroer

Panorama on Nolsoy and other Faroe islands.

The peaceful grass fields on top of the hill above Nolsoy island. The marked trail brings to a couple of lighthouses on the other side of the island. The entire walk takes several hours.
I reach the opposite side of the island, but without actually getting to the lighthouses, because the available time has finished and have to be back.
A bird that I was unable to identify.
Whale jaws
I hike all the way back to Nolsoy. I check the GPS, the total distance hiked today is 18kms. In the picture, whale jaws used as a "door" from the dock to the town.

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