Torshavn Torshavn - Faroe Islands' capital <<-- GO
Short hikes in Torshavn, the logistic base from where most of the excursions and longer tours did originate.
Saksun - Faroe islands Car tour to Streymoy and Eysturoy in the Faroe islands <<-- GO
Day tour to the northernmost parts of Eysturoy, discovering beautiful landscapes and charming towns. A visit to Saksun, on Streymoy island, is included as well.
Nosoy - Faroe islands Excursions and overnight on Nolsoy island <<-- GO
Transfer from Torshavn to Nolsoy by ferry and tour on the island, learning more about the interesting history of the town and hiking to some lookout points.
Puffin in Mykines - Faroe Islands Birding trip to Mykines, Faroe Islands, to explore a colony of puffins <<-- GO
Mykines in westernmost Faroe Islands is a very interesting destination for ornithologists and for people looking for a birding tour. Mykines has thousands of puffins and many other birds.
Skuvoy Excursions to Skuvoy and Sandoy, two islands of the Faroer achipelago <<-- GO
Skuvoy is a small island dominated by dramatic cliffs falling straight into the ocean, where different species of birds spend the summer. A stop on the island of Sundoy is included.
Suduroy Suduroy tour, the southernmost island of the Faroer <<-- GO
Suduroy is the southernmost island in the Faroer archipelago and is interesting because of the dramatic scenery and the charming small towns.