Trekking around Tiniteqilaaq discovering the interesting geology of Greenland

August 21st, 2009 

An 8 hours trekking on the hills behind the town of Tiniteqiilaq in East Greenland, Ammassalik region. The landscape is dominated by the continental bedrock, up to almost three billions years old, naked and exposed by the elements and the absence of vegetation. Beautiful panoramic views onto Sermilik fjord.

Sermilik fjord Iceberg
Icebergs in Sermilik fjord, some of them trapped on land because of the low tide.
Exposed bedrock Exposed bedrock
East Greenland geology East Greenland geology
East Greenland geology

We start to climb on an hill, the remains of an ancient moraine, dominated by rocks varying in size and having nice patterns on the surface. Greenland is a paradise for geologists because the continental bedrock, old up to three billions years, is exposed, as there is no actual soil or vegetation.
Glacial erratic rocks Glacial erratic rocks
Glacial erratic rocks

Glacial erratic rocks, carried by ancient glaciers.
Very ancient rocks

The patterns impressed on these rocks explain the incredible history of the planet and did take millions (perhaps billions) of years to grow.
Sermilik fjord

The views onto Sermilik fjord from the top of an hill.
East Greenland East Greenland
East Greenland East Greenland
East Greenland East Greenland
East Greenland Ammassalik

We reach the top of another higher hill, from where there is a beautiful views over East Greenland mountains, glaciers and fjords.
Glacial erratic
This enormous glacial erratic rock, having a weight of several tons, is held by three smaller stones. This can be easily explained because all the rocks were incorporated and carried by a glacier, then released as they were, when the glacier did melt.
Greenland trekking
We cross this bizzare natural channel in the rocks, ending near a lake.
The twin sky. We now go back to the campsite in Tiniteqiilaq to eat our dinner and overnight.

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