Trekking to Apusiajik glacier near Kulusuk

August 27th, 2009 

Luckly the weather gets much better, so we can continue out trip to East Greenland, exactly to the Apusiajik glacier, a beautiful tongue of ice not coming straight from Greenland icecap but originated on a small island. The place is near Kulusuk airport, the gateway to East Greenland.

Apusiajik glacier Apusiajik
Glacier near Kulusuk Glacier near Kulusuk, Greenland
Glacier in Greenland Glacier
After about one hour by motorboat from Tasiilaq, we reach a small island off the Greenland east coast, dominated by a glacier ending into the sea.
Campsite in Greenland
We set up our tented camp over a small peninsula in front of the glacier.
East Greenland East Greenland
The magnificent greenlandic scenery visible from our camp.
Drift wood
Drift wood probably carried from Siberia by the ocean. The drift wood is used for buildings and handicrafts, as, except for a small area in the south, there are on trees in Greenland.
East Greenland East Greenland
Glacial valley Glacial valley
Arctic cotton Ammassalik
We do a relaxing trek around the camp, crossing a beautiful glacial valley where lot of arctic cotton grows.
Very green moss contrasting with gray stones.
Greenland trekking Greenland trekking
Greenland trekking Greenland trekking
After a short lunch stop, we resume our trek crossing a caotic delta of a river.
There is lot of water in this valley, so soft tundra can grow easily.
We climb along a river and up to a small glacier.
This area is particularly rich of muscovite, a mineral separating easily into thin sheets, used often as an insulator on electronic components.
Ammassalik - Greenland Ammassalik - Greenland
Ammassalik - Greenland Ammassalik - Greenland
We reach the peak of an hill where there is a beautiful view, before descending on the opposite side along a snow drift.
In the evening we are back at the campsite.
Kulusuk airport Airiceland Fokker-50
Flying over east Greenland

The next day (August 28th, 2009), in about 20 minutes of motorboat from Apusiajik glacier, we reach Kulusuk airport, a small gravel airstrip in the middle of nothing, where an Airiceland's Fokker-50 brings us back to Reykjavik.

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