Camping onto Greenland's icecap moraine

August 22nd, 2009 

The trip, discovering the Ammassalik region in East Greenland, continues with a three hours boat transfer towards a bay filled of icebergs, where majestic glaciers coming from Greenland icecap ends into. Tents are build directly on the immense sandy moraine.

Rocks in Greenland Iceberg
Iceberg in Greenland
Inuit fisherman

Today we are picked up by fast boats driven by Inuit hunters. The transfer from Tiniteqiilaq to today destination, a bay full of icebergs near the icecap, takes about three hours.We cross the Sermilik fjord and part of open sea, where there are huge icebergs all around.
Glacier Glacier
Glacier Glacier in Greenland
Glacier in Greenland Glacier in Greenland
We finally reach this bay dominated by glaciers coming from Greenland icecap and ending straight into the sea. The landscape is majestic, dominated by immense glacier tongues releasing icebergs into the sea.
Ammassalik - Greenland Angmagssalik - Greenland
Ammassalik - Greenland

The tents are built on a sandy part of the immense moraine, just in front of the glaciers and looking into the iceberg-filled bay. Many icebergs are now trapped on the beach because of the low tide.
We get fresh water breaking an iceberg and melting it. Other good places to get water in Greenland are streams and natural springs.
Iceberg Ice
Blue ice Blue ice

We hike on the beach, playing between icebergs trapped by the low tide.
Small tank vs big tank.
Tundra Tundra
Regardless of the hard environment, the moraine is populated by several different species of flowers. They are pioneers preparing the path to larger trees, which may be grow here after some century. Or, perhaps, the glacier may advance again, "bulldozing" and flattening everything.
"The ice whale" (the small iceberg in the front looks like a whale's tail).
Moraine Glacier moraine
Moraine in Greenland Glacier moraine in Greenland
We hike over the moraine, dominated by debris having sizes from a small sand grain, to stones big like cars.
These bubbles are created by bacteria as soon as the high tide returns.

We hike a little bit more over the moraine, to a smaller tidewater glacier.
The sun sets behind the icecap.

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