Tasiilaq day tour in East Greenland

August 19th, 2009 

This is basically a free day visiting the community of Tasiilaq (Ammassalik), discovering the life of the Inuit people, while our guides prepare the equipment necessary for the next days.

Tasiilaq - Greenland Tasiilaq - Greenland
We hike in Tasiilaq (also called Ammassalik or Angmagssalik) under a beautiful sunny day. Out in the fjord, majestic icebergs float changing the landscape continuously.
Ammassalik - Greenland Ammassalik - Greenland
Ammassalik - Greenland Angmassalik - Greenland
Angmgassalik - Greenland

The most important roads in Tasiilaq are asphalted, while many others have just a gravel surface.
School in Greenland
The school in Tasiilaq. Normally the schools are open for only three months per year, during summertime.
Drying fish Drying fish
Drying fish Drying fish
Out of the homes, fishes are exposed to let them dry.
Because of the hard bed rock, exposed because there isn't a true "ground" here, building functional drains is very difficult because they cannot be buried. Additionally, it would be too expensive to build aerial pipes, so, the toilets are emptied periodically by this truck that discharges the waste into the sea.

In Greenland everything can be precious, because there aren't trees and everything is to be imported from overseas. So, things no longer necessary, aren't trashed away, but are simply stored out of the homes for any possible future use.
Tasiilaq dump area Tasiilaq dump area
Destroying and recycling rubbish is also a challenge in a so extreme place, and it will be very expensive. So, everything is just stored behind an hill near the town.
Inuit child
A child playing outside during a beautiful sunny day.
Greenlandic dogs Greenlandic dogs
Dogs are extremely important for the comminities in these remote places.
Greenlandic fisherman
A fisherman is making maintenance to the fishing net.

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