Day trip from Praslin to Coco and Sister island

April 25th, 2003

Sister Island and Coco are two islets of the Seychelles located just a few minutes by boat from Praslin, which can be easily visited in just a day excursion. Sister Island is the largest island and here tourists can disembark and take a walk on the beach between palm trees and granite boulders, while Cocos is just a little more than a rock, where is usually possible to snorkel among colorful fish.

Fishes at sister island Fishes at sister island
Joining a guided excursion from Praslin, after about 30 minutes of sailing, I arrive to Sister Island, a private owned island featured by nice beaches and a rich marine life.


Fishes at sister island Sister island - Seychelles
Photos of Sister island. Big fishes can be found in large numbers also very close to the beach.


The crystalline water lets to clearly see them through the surface.


Surgeon fish Surgeon fish
Surgeon fish It isn't necessary to be expert swimmers to enjoy snorkeling on this island. Big, colorful fishes can be found also where the water isn't deeper than one meter.


Seychelles snorkeling Seychelles snorkeling
Other colorful fishes can be found in abundance everywhere.


Suddenly, I see a turtle swimming in low waters, few meters from me.


Sister island - Seychelles Sister island - Seychelles
Sister Island is also interesting for its beautiful, idyllic beaches of pure white sand. Unfortunately the overcast sky doesn't let to appreciate the beautiful colors in the above and right picture.


Sister island - Seychelles Sister island - Seychelles
Tall palms grow close to walls of granitic rocks.


Coco island - Seychelles Coco island - Seychelles
The tour continues with a one hour snorkeling near Coco island, a rocky unhabitated island.


Seychelles snorkeling Seychelles snorkeling
Here at Coco island, is like to swim inside an aquarius, with hundred of colorful fishes. Unfortunately the deeper water, with limited light, doesn't let my disposable camera (without flash) to work properly.


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