Tour to Dunedin before boarding the Spirit of Enderby ship for the New Zealand cruise

22-23 November 2007

From Queenstown I reach Dunedin by bus in about five hours. After a short city tour of Dunedin, I board the Spirit of Enderby, a russian cruise ship carrying 48 passengers, that is about to sail south to the sub-antarctic islands of New Zealand and Australia for the next 13 days.

First Church of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand
There are many cathedrals in Dunedin, here the First Church of Otago.


Dunedin railway station, New Zealand
Dunedin's railway station.


St. Paul, Dunedin, New Zealand City hall, Dunedin, New Zealand.
On the left: St. Paul cathedral. On the right: the city hall.


St. Joseph, Dunedin, New Zealand
The cathedral of St. Joseph.


Dunedin, New Zealand Dunedin, New Zealand
Part of Dunedin seen from an hill.


Spirit of Enderby
From Otago, I board the Spirit of Enderby, a russian expedition ship, particularly suitable to explore the Arctic and the Antarctica. This ship will be my home for the next 13 days, exploring the sub-antarcic islands of New Zealand and Australia.


The ship leaves Otago and Dunedin.


Spirit of Enderby
My cabin, number 313, shared for two people.


Toilets and showers. Several cabins have private toilet facilities, but other cabins have shared toilets.


On the left: the bar. On the right: one of the two dining rooms.


The corridors.


Spirit of Enderby
The bridge and the view outside.


Spirit of Enderby
The outside corridors and the observation decks.


On the left: a lifeboat. On the right: the zodiacs used to transport the passengers during the excursions.


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