Trip to Laughlin, Las Vegas and Grand Canyon flight

November 1996

Pictures from a trip to Las Vegas in 1998, including Laughlin (a city in southernmost Nevada close to Arizona and California's border lines) and from an half day flight to the Grand Canyon.

Laughlin, Nevada Laughlin, Nevada
Photos of Laughlin, in southern Nevada, close to Arizona and California's state line. These pictures were taken from Hilton hotel in Laughlin, offering accommodation and a casino.


Treasure Island, Las Vegas Treasure Island, Las Vegas
Back to Las Vegas, the Treasure Island hotel and casino located along the Strip.


Bellagio, Las Vegas Bellagio, Las Vegas
The Bellagio hotel & casino in Las Vegas, offering water shows along the front pool every 15 or 30 minutes.


Lake Mead, Nevada
Hoover Dam, Nevada Hoover Dam, Nevada
I take the opportunity to visit lake Mead and the Hoover dam, through a short drive from Las Vegas.


Grand Canyon flight Grand Canyon flight
Grand Canyon flight Grand Canyon flight
Also, a scenic flight to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas can't be missed...


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